Need help getting back in the game…

I have a Linn LP12,Ittok LVII and Asaka of 80s vintage, Cyrus one and PSX PU amp and some Monitor Audio R852/MDs.

Due to being expatted to various countries most of this gear has just been in storage or shipped around. I now wish to get this back up and working. The amp is kaput…… blown up and volume knob missing……

So I definitely need a new amp and as I’ve always coveted something from the Naim family having heard numerous setups so am thinking of the new NAIT 50,
But this then raises further questions, the Asaka is an MC cartridge so needs a preamp, so should I go down the preamp rabbit hole, or replace the Asaka with something from the MM world?

I’d appreciate your thoughts and ideas……

I would not overthink things…….if you want a Nait 50 get on to your dealer(s) and get an order in before they are sold out.
The other stuff can wait…….


That’s definitely something of a time warp system. The LP12, Ittok and Asaka are a classic setup for sure. The first thing to do is to get it serviced if that’s not been done recently. Has the Asaka been checked? If not, it must be knackered after nigh on 40 years. Remember that for the price of a Nait 50 you can get a used Supernait 3. It may not be as cute but it’s got more power, can power a Naim phono stage and has a remote. It will give more flexibility if and when you come to update your speakers, which again are something of a classic.


Gazza is spot on. Then ask a good LP12 guy to service it and check the cartridge. It is likely to be past its best so an MM could be the way to go.

If the Asaka is good then ask him for advice on step up transformers or a good value MC phono stage.

Edit: Posted at the same time as HH.

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If you considered pre-loved, you might get a nice Naim Pre/power combo, which could have MC boards built in, to run your Asaka - or a similar replacement…

Just another idea.

And - yes - to getting your LP12 checked over.

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Indeed, there are lots of options. You could get an 72 or 82, Hicap and 250 for around the price of a Nait 50. A lot depends on whether the OP wants a simple integrated or would be happy with classic separates, with the extra cables and shelving requirements that go with it.

Whichever way is chosen, it should be great to get a lovely system running again after years of moving around.


IMO, the Nait 50 is really just a Collectors Piece. The limited numbers confirm this.

Not really what the OP should be looking at… But YMMV… :crazy_face:


IMHO, a Nait 50 (great little amp, not just an ‘improvisation’ Anniversary model), have LP12 serviced, and change cartridge to MM…a very nice system.

And then if you wished you can think about speakers.

Have a good weekend


Thanks, if I go down the 50 + MM path, what suggestions do you have, bearing in mind the other components?

Thx for all your suggestions so far I appreciate them all.

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Cyrus 2? The Cyrus 1 didnt work with the psx. You could get this serviced, there are places in the UK that specialise in these amps, [edited] plus Cyrus themselves.

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Depends on budget, however you prob would want something decent rather than a budget one for that system…

A minimum of circa £150-£250 should get a decent one, more if you wish…

Some good stuff from the likes of Audio-Technica, Ortofon, Goldring, check out ‘google’ to get a feeling before demoing. The person who would service yr LP12 will likely have some good suggestions/experience.

Have a good weekend


Thought about the repair option but, decided against it as the case is damaged from all the transit….

If OP accept buying second hand ?

Separates such as Supernait 2/HC or 202/Napsc/200DR/Stageline"K" or similar should be available at much lower price than Nait 50.
Older Naim boxes can insert phono cards for Linn cartridges 323K or 523K depending on which amp vintage.

You really have little other choice new, unless the very expensive new classic.
Everything else seem discontinued or about to be.

My guess, Nait 50 seem to be sold out most places.


EBay is your friend here. You can upgrade just about everything for the cost of that Nait50 - £2700 is a lot.

Olive 72/Hicap/ 250 is the classic combo for a good reason -as long as the latter 2 have been serviced in the last 12 or so years. The total cost of all those should be considerably less than for a Nait50.

If that is too many boxes, pick SN2 or SN3- the latter is better and has a decent MM phono stage built in.

You probably will need a new cartridge now or soon. A good MM probably beats most cheap MCs. LP12/ Ittok and the above amplification is good enough to show the merits of £2K+ of MC, but that doesn’t make it mandatory. There are good options below £500 from Audio Technica and Ortofon, and those might look the standard choices, but also consider Dynavector, Denon, Rega, Sumiko and Hana. Given the age of your cartridge, any of those should be a big help.

If you need one, a Dynavector P75 mk4 is a great value and very flexible phono stage, with phono boards or a Prefix as decent alternatives. I paid £400 on eBay.

That lot should sound appreciably better than the previous boxes did through your existing speakers. However, my guess is that you could improve on those speakers for a few hundred quid, though they are easier to place and drive than some options.

Small speakers? Linn Kans, Royd Edens, EPOS 11/14 or Neat Petite/ Motive 3? All are very different, but available for under £350. If you have a bit more space, several other options spring to mind. Speakers are very dependent on your ears/taste and room, but my guess is that any of those should sound a bit more exciting and involving than R852s.

If that lot has not spent all the available cash, spending some cash upgrading the LP12 may be well worth doing too. EBay / Pinkfish won’t deliver a cheap Karousel bearing, but a second-hand power supply might well be worthwhile for a few hundred (depending on what you have now), and you might even be able to look at a better sub-chassis.

If the LP12 sits on a bookcase or sideboard, and if you can do it, the best value upgrade of all may be spending £100 or so on a wall shelf.

You won’t need expensive interconnect or power cables (those that come in the box will be ok), but speaker cables can be worth thinking about. At least 3.5M long is recommended, and many people suggest strongly that 5M or more is better for sound quality.

Good luck!


The Nait 50 is a bit of a gimmick. Nice little amp but not worth the price. Get the LP12 serviced, the Asaka rebuilt by Goldring and a second hand Nait XS with a Stageline K.

What does an Asaka rebuild cost now?

How much will cost 72/ hicap / 250?
Personally I would go for SN3 and an MM cart for the Linn.
It’s very unlikely that the cart survived after 40 years, or maybe if put inside an hibernation module like that :

A fairly recently serviced olive 250 looks to go for a bit over £1000 - perhaps £1300 at most. Some have sold for a bit less than £1000 but they may need a service.

A serviced Hicap probably costs £500. A 72 with MM or MC boards might cost a touch more, but not £800.

EBay suggests SN2s cost £1700 or so, while SN3s (with MM phono) cost £300-£600 more.


Yes, but you need first to buy 72/hicap /250. Then send to service.
So the total is more than 5k , not ?

Many will have been serviced in the last 10-ish years - you can ask Naim once you have a serial number.

Looking at eBay, Hifi Shark and PFM just now suggests 72/ Hicap/ 250 for £2000 is not an unreasonable hope, but it might cost £2500 or a little over if in a hurry or sticking to recently serviced boxes.

It looks as if Naim servicing now costs c.£400 per olive box (it’s gone up), though I think Class A is fully approved and does it for a bit less.