Need help! Naim dac V1 firmware update error

Hi everyone,
My dac v1 got firmware update issue. It’s fail at updating DSP firmware. I tried to reset by pressing 1+3 when turn on then its hang and display: Forcing DSP firmware update.
Im waiting for a day but its remain the same.
Can anyone help me with this. Many thanks!

See this thread;

If you’ve not been able to force the firmware update - i.e. it hasn’t been able to complete - then I would contact Naim support.

Hi Richard,
Thank for your quick response. Is this normal to have the firmware update taking this long? Or should i wait for few days before contact Naim for support?

It doesn’t seem normal to me. AFAIK, it shouldn’t take a whole day.

Yesterday i did my last try by turn it off and go for dinner. After dinner i turn is on without holding 1+3. And magic happened, its start the DSP update and finish within few minutes.
Now i have the latest firmware. Im so happy :slight_smile: :grinning:


Good news.

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