Need help on roon volume control

When I use NDX2 + Supernait 3 on system automation the roon states that ”volume control is fixed” and I cannot change the volume on roon.

Is this normal? I have come to understanding from old topics that people were managed to change volume on roon on the system automation. Have I missed something?

I can change the volume on the Naim app.

Here are my automation settings:

I would really apreciate the help :slight_smile:

Roon cannot see the state of the analogue volume pot on a Naim preamp so unfortunately it can’t adjust it.
You can use the optional digital volume setting on the streamer instead, which Roon could see, but there is likely to be a loss of sound quality.

It’s possible to use a Roon extension and a Logitech Harmony Hub.

This will send infra red commands to the analogue pre-amp.

It’s a workaround but works pretty well.

Thank you guys for your answers! :slight_smile: Too bad its not possible, I previously used without the automation. SN3 volume turned about 2 o´clock and controlled ndx´s volume. There is slight loss in sound quality in my opinion and its whole lot nicer to actually change the SN3´s volume knob :smiley:

Its just easier and cheaper to tell my better half to use the remote to adjust the volume

Well you can go into set up for the zone in Roon and set it to dsp volume. That will give you volume control in Roon. As you say put the main volume up to around half to give you some range

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