Need Help with Fault Diagnosis

I have an olive 250 that I’m pretty sure needs a re-cap (it was last done about 10 years ago). I’ve been getting static-like noise and distortion on the right channel. It was pretty infrequent until recently, when I rebuilt my rack, changed speaker cable and changed cartridges. I suspect powering the 250 up and down several times exacerbated the need for a re-cap. It had been powered up all the time. The thing that puzzles me is that after playing 7 LP’s with the new cartridge (top AT-OC9) I gave it a clean with Lyra’s cleaner. I am now getting a popping sound in the right channel sometimes when playing records. No popping sound with other sources. So my question is do I also have a cartridge problem or is this just another sign of the 250 needing a re-cap?

I suspect this is the 250 not responding well to a biggish low frequency signal coming from a slight wobble or whatever on a record.

In any case I would get that fixed first and keep your fingers crossed re the cartridge.



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The 250 is due a service anyway.:slightly_smiling_face:
The tantalums needed replacing on my 250 after five years as the amp was oscillating on both channels. Darran at Class A did the work confirming that the previous service was done by Naim so it’s definitely worth getting it checked out.

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