Need more Fink in my collection

I was listening to my one and only Fink album last night
and I decided I need more Fink in my life!

I’ve heard Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet, but what others would you recommend? @Finkfan?

Morning @GavinB

As you can imagine I think all of Finks work is rather good. My favourite album is Hard Believer. A great collection of songs from start to finish. The second track, Green and the Blue is a personal favourite and a great system test track. Another choice for me would be the Perfect Darkness album from 2011. The Wheels turn beneath my feet is a superb live album and the Fink meets RCO is close behind for me.

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Another Fink fanatic here, and to add to those of @Finkfan, I can also recommend the “Biscuits for Breakfast” and “Sunday Night Blues Club” albums, the second of which is Mr. Greenhall’s take on down and dirty blues.

I’d agree too, that he hasn’t made a bad album, and most of his choons seem to become quite addictive after a few listens.

Most of his stuff is on Tidal, assuming you have access.

Thanks, both, and I do have access to Tidal to check these out.

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