Need the Forums advice…

System : LP12/ittok/DV10 MC cartridge(new)
NAIT50, MA 852 speakers.
See ‘getting back into it part II’ thread for details.

When amp is on volume turned up to moderate listening level, there is an intermittent snap,crackle and fart sound.from both speakers.
It’s annoying but doesn’t interfere with listening pleasure but id like to eliminate it if possible.

I’m suspecting static maybe earthing? Have checked the LP12 is earthed to the amp correctly and tried different power sockets, ensuring cartridge is tight to headshell. Rewired mains plug……

Anything else i could try? I guess take it back to dealer who installed the cartridge,
Did the service As a last resort? They recommended replacing the rca cables as a potential upgrade, so maybe they could be a culprit?

Anyway thanx for any thoughts….

IMO… neither of those. When your DV 10X was installed, was your LP12/Ittok thoroughly checked over…? Try reseating the Phono plugs from the Ittok into the Nait 50 inputs. Could be just a poor connection.

I would not change the Ittok arm lead - unless it is actually faulty.

YMMV, as always.

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Do you have any powerline network extenders plugged in? I have to switch mine off when listening to vinyl as they put out noise that is picked up by the phono stage.

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Ive used the N50 in the house and office and in both cases im also noticing intermittent noises coming from other activity on the mains. I dont use a dedicated spur. Not an issue for me mind you as its not happening very often but certainly never experienced this behaviour before with other amps.

We dont use any ethernet-over-mains tech either.

Thx Ian, have tried unplugging and resetting everything. It’s definitely the TT as none of the other inputs produce it and when the TT is unplugged the crackle disappears

The N50 has also highlighted an issue with one of my LP12s which is now with my dealer. He confirmed the problem but must admit id not noticed it before connecting to the N50.

Yes have tried removing the extension. Lead and having both amp and TT connected directly to the wall socket, interference is the same….

LP12 back to dealer, then…!

I was told on the forum of an old trick regarding hum. Mute the amp, turn the volume all the way up and all the way down several times, then try playing. It worked with my SN2, which is not to say it would work with your problem. But worth a shot, right?

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Don’t forget he’s using a brand new amp, so what you suggest certainly shouldn’t be required.

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I’m sure you’re right. I’m a rank amateur with anything technical. But maybe worth a try anyway.

Also as stated, this problem doesn’t exist with other inputs only phono. So not a
Volume control problem, thanks though.

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Id try to get your dealer to come round. The problem with phono is that there can be multiple earth points, the tt power power supply, the subchassis, the tone arm, the cartridge and the earth post on the back of the amp. If you have one connection too many you end up with a ground loop which causes annoying noise. A dealer will work through each one until the problem is solved. If sorting the earth doesn’t solve the problem then you have a faulty component.


Are you still running it like this


If so, I’d look at keeping the phono cable and speaker cables away from the mains leads (looks a bit tangled up with them) which may help things a bit.

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Have moved cables around made sure signal cables cross power at 90deg and put the TT and amp on tables…. Sadly no difference….

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Corky, thinking about this a bit more, unlike the original NAIT 1, the NAIT 50 follows the usual Naim approach of not connecting signal ground to mains earth at the amp, expecting this to be done in the primary source (a Naim CD player or streamer). As you only have the LP12, It may be worth trying a wire between the NAIT 50 ground terminal and a mains earth point (on the same distribution board as the rest of the kit is on) to see if this may help your intermittent noises via the phono input.

Do you have access to a multimeter ?

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Thankyou James, this all sounds plausible, I will investigate …… unfortunately I depart for the Americas early am tomorrow so will look at this upon my return.

No multimeter access unfortunately ……

James, can the signal grounding be achieved by running a single earth wire from the N50 phono ground terminal to an MK plug just the earth terminal connected to the same mains outlet?

I am by no means an electrician ……

Yes, that would do it. If unsure about anything though save it for the dealer.

Enjoy your trip.

In between packing I quickly rigged a bare wire connection to the earth on the N50 and an MK plug into the socket…… no difference🙁

Check in with the dealer when I return…

Thanks for the idea though :+1: