Neil Young to release everything on NYA in 2020

A MESSAGE FROM NEIL: Releasing Everything in 2020 on Neil Young Archives (NYA)

Neil Young writes that he’s considering releasing all unreleased album projects for subscribers well in advance of their normal physical releases.

In response to a NYA Letter to the Editor by Uncle Eddie – who is concerned about living long enough to ever hear the unreleased


Do you subscribe to this? I have had a look at it and was thinking of subscribing.
Do you know if it’s possible to play the songs via an IPad onto a Muso version 1?

I have subscribed since December last year and think it is very good but I only really listen to the audio, there is also frequent video content and lots to read too. At $19.99 for the year it is pretty good value, although all the albums are also there on Tidal, a lot as masters (hi res on Archives streaming). With regard to the technical question I can play off my iPhone to my QB so would assume ipad/Muso would work the same…

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it will work ok. I think I will give the subscription a go.

Just to be clear, playing on the QB is either via the Bluetooth or the USB input. Hope you get on ok, I hope what we hear regarding all the unreleased albums being released next year turns out to be true.

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