Neophytic Questions

Greetings. I hope that someone can take the time to help me with some questions about my Mu-so 2 Gen and related bits, and I thank you in advance:

  1. The Naim app is on iPads and iphones. The Mac and one phone has an Apple Music subscription, the others have whatever came with them, iTunes I suppose.
    I have a subscription to Tidal (non-Hi-Fi) and that app is on all of the above components as well.
    There is no other streaming related software.
    The Mu-so 2 is on ethernet cable to my router.

  2. Now, the question:
    When I play something on the Tidal app on my MacBook, which has wifi ON, but bluetooth OFF,
    What route is the music signal taking a. world>modem>router>wifi>mac.wifi>Mu-so>ear or b. world>modem>router>ethernet>Mu-so>ear ?
    I guess that another way of saying that is the Mac/phone/pad being used as a remote control or as a streamer to the Mu-so?

I do not know how to tell which route is being taken or how to regulate that. Is there a way to avoid sending the signal to the Mac/phones/ipad and then on to the Mu-so?
I suppose I could ask the same question about playing music through the Apple Music app, most of which usually is not on the Mac hard drive itself.
Thanks folks.

Hi, If you play from the Tidal app on any device and send it to the Muso via Airplay the music signal travels via that device over WiFi or wired Ethernet.
If you play from the Tidal input in the Naim app the signal goes directly from your router to the streamer.
You can easily test this by turning off the device, ot its WiFi, during playback.

  1. There is no Naim app you can use to control your Muso2 for the Mac. The only Naim Audio app in the OS X App Store is n-Serve, which can control the legacy hardware UnitiServe and HDX.

  2. You can certainly put your Apple Music credentials on all of your Apple devices.

  3. I’m not sure how you’re using your Mac to play Tidal music to the Muso; maybe Airplay? You can also put the Naim App on your iOS devices and use that to play Tidal music to the Muso and control it. That’s a preferred way to control the Muso.

" There is no Naim app…for the Mac."
You are correct, I have been bouncing back and forth between the five devices and I lost my bearings.

That is what I was needing to see. Thanks.

If you really wanted to do this there is a basic browser control you can access by typing the Muso IP address into a web browser with webclient on the end. So it would look something like
Naim don’t really mention this option, and it feels a bit clunky to me, but I guess it’s there if you really want it.

They use it more for debugging I think. Its what Steve asked me to use when my Atoms home screen wouldn’t show up after reverting back to 3.4 from 3.5.

I have to admit that I find the webclient quite useful. Often easier than scrabbling around for my phone and the big advantage of a lot more screen real estate. But not pretty, limited on features and a bit clunky as ChrisSU says.

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