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Hi and happy Easter to you all!

Since a few month I’ve been trying to upgrade the system by swapping cables. I’ve kept it simple and tried but 4 different power cables on the riaa and the Hicap. Once I settled on the most satisfying of them all I put one of them on each of the electronics and one on the mains block. Since my dealer has Neotech and Goldnote and I have some experience with those brands I stuck to them. 3 of the cables were from Neotech starting with 3003 then 3001 and 3200. The Goldnote were somewhat close to the 3001 which was a bit more to my liking than the 3003. Weird nomenclature for sure since lower number here means better cable. The 3200 is however the most expensive and by far the best of them. Funny thing is I didn’t know this when testing them. I actually forgot which was which, or at least I want to believe it was like that :sweat_smile:.

As I wrote I put the best (3200) on all my components and has since been really surprised by the difference and to me upgrade this made in my system and to my ears. Funny thing is, when I had the PowerLine from wall to block and all other cables exchanged for 3200 I thought it sounded a bit off and when I changed the last cable, the PL from wall to block, to 3200 it got more balanced. The 3200 replaces Powerlines in this test and it all started out with the positive effect the Neotech Nemos 3080 speaker cable had in my system.

I have tried these cables before, when I had my 202-based system but didn’t get the effects I am getting now, back then. Now I feel these are really good cables and I just wanted to share my impressions and widen the cable-geek-arena from all Chord, Witchhat, Tellurium and Kudos to something fresh and new.

If you are a cable geek like me you really should try Neotech. I feel they are a solid cable manufacturer using OCC copper technologies in their cables and connectors. It all sound very good to these ears.

Now I’m even trying their Ethernet cable which I’m not as sure about as the power- and speaker cables. Comparing them (Ethernet) to Belden cat snake. But I’ll give them some time. They have only been up and running about 24 h.


Which speaker cable out if interest? I had a Neotech usb in occ silver, really nice cable and good price too

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From Naca5 to Nemos 3080

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Looks interesting! Did you terminate it yourself ?

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No they are factory terminated. They sound really good in my system.

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
Neotech neet 1008 silver Rj/45 ethernet-cables need about 200 hours of “burn-in”.
AND,.important,the signal should go in the same direction as you read the text on the cable.

So make sure you have the correct direction of the Neotech cable.

Thank you Peder this is the copper version. I’ll try the silver one later on. Didn’t know they were directional though. Must compare when I get home.

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Two hundred? Hours?

That’s insane. Come on, this cable burn in thing is getting ridiculous. Two hundred hours of what, exactly? Does the clock reset if you unplug the cable? Does it reset if you lose internet connection? Does it reset if you lose power to the access point? Does it reset if you move it? Does it reset if you buy it second hand?

And don’t even get me started on directionality - for an Ethernet cable!


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not going to start arguing about this,.but just stating that you and I,and all in my group have different listening experiences.

AND,.have you installed and optimized your music-system to the best possible musical preferences…
Then it is absolutely no problem to hear a difference in direction on a good ethernet cable.
In fact,.I have never met anyone who did not hear a difference in direction at our music gatherings.

AND,.200 hours of “burn-in” for the above-mentioned silver cable is also a recommendation from our very knowledgeable and experienced Swedish Neotech distributor.

Otherwise,.I wish you a continued Happy Easter :hatching_chick:

:large_orange_diamond: As a supplement to
my last post above.
Below in the picture you can see some other of my cables…
• Audioquest Diamond,.the left.
• Audioquest Vodka,.the right.
…streaming cables.

It is Audioquest’s best and second best streaming cables,.where Diamond is their top-notch cable.
If you look at the contacts,.you will see that the direction is marked with an arrow.
AND,.it is no problem to hear the difference in soundquality,if you turn these cables in the picture in the wrong direction.

The Emporer’s new clothes, indeed.

What I struggle to understand is how any perceived difference that is heard at a gathering can be relevant, if the cable is going to change over the next two hundred hours of listening. You can’t have it both ways.

There are so many variables involved that or is simply impossible to attribute any change to one of them. While your Ethernet cable is busy ‘burning in,’ everything else in the chain is ‘burning in’ and changing as well.

Ordinarily I’m more respectful of people’s differing views, but the worry here is that people are being taken for a ride and separated from their hard earned cash. Are you involved in the selling of these products?

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Amazing how any cable burning in never gets worse. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hello again…
As I said in my first
reply to you,.see below…

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not going to start arguing about this,.but just stating that you and I,and all in my group have different listening experiences.

You wrote:
“Are you involved in the selling of these products?”
:small_orange_diamond:Comment: Read my
biography on this forum.

:black_small_square:Attention To Detail.
:black_small_square:Everything matters.
:black_small_square:Just Listen,.As Simply as That.
Above are important phrases to keep in mind.

  • Darkebear,.is someone you can search for here on the forum.
    He has also written a lot about this,.and also has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience about this.

Finally,.pictured below,a cheap and very good ($50) USB-C to USB-C cable.
As it is USB-C to USB-C,.it can be turned and test the direction vs soundquality…
AND,.there is no problem hearing that it plays musically better in one direction.

Have a nice Easter weekend :hatching_chick:

So today my dealer came and took all the power cables out of the system. He even took the Ethernet cables and the switch. I bought the speaker cables. Really very satisfied with these. And if you are wondering, yes I am missing the power cables et al. However, music is still hugely enjoyable. :blush:

I use the NEP 3200 power cable from wall to the 250DR. It does no harm to PRaT unlike many other cables. Powerline is still better in that, but you trade away bass depth, evenness and definition especially in the soundstage.

I also use 2 NEVD-2001 BNC clock cables.

Interesting analysis. I never thought that prat was better or worse with either cable (I think)

I’m using Neotech 3002 III for my 250DR and 555DR. It emphasizes the details, separation and stage (like having a partial loudness activated) but can be a bit too much with highly resolving speakers / dacs. The connectors however are cheap (although well made) Viborgs - maybe this is where the edginess comes from, who knows. The Furutech ones are on my buy list.

Never had powerlines and I’m yet to replace the connectors on one end (AU plug) on my powerline lite UK cables. Not sure if this would be worth it though. I remember @Richard.Dane once stating Tapon Au connectors being suitable for this operation.

Tapons were the preferred plug when we tested them against other options for the Powerline, although I’m not sure whether the open piggyback socketry is allowed in Australia.

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