Network Acoustics ENO filter Ag anyone?

I suspect these are more of a solution looking for a problem, but to be fair to Network Acoustics, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Give them a try and see if the filter works in your particular setup.

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As says James, try and return back if it doesn’t change really the sound

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As FR noted, I have the ENO AG filter. I do run it off an EE switch and am very satisfied with what I perceive to be a significant improvement in sound. But each system is different. I run it between my Nova (with a 250DR) and my EE switch and stream using a Roon Nucleus+. I use an ENO Ethernet cable to the Nova and a Luna - Orange Ethernet Cable from switch to Roon Nucleus.


Thx guys will plan a demo as you suggest now feels like a maybe cleaner option than adding a second ER in my network chain now which I was also pondering upon

seen they do return offer for 30days and seem to have good reviews on their site :+1:

There’s also the Afterdark ocxo clock from China, specially made to upgrade the ER. @bailyhill has one and is very satisfied.

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There is already an ENO filter thread that was broadly very enthusiastic about the benefits of using one. Network Acoustics ENO filter

your a bad man mr rooster tempting me with more things :wink:

@bailyhill how did you find the afterdark clock and which model did you go with?

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I have both a PhoenixNet and PhoenixUSB but found that the ENO brought considerable benefits. I recommend everyone to try a free home demonstration.


The one I went with was: AfterDark OCXO 10Mhz Reference QUEEN MASTER CLOCK for U…

It was just under $600 US. Took about a month to get it. Plugged in in and let it burn in for a month or so, just got busy and did not want to dig into things to add it. When I did, it was maybe more burned in than most, but it was not under load, so who knows. Very pleased with it. May upgrade to the Phoenix/NET as a further step, based on the experience of several users on the forum–but could easily ride into the sunset with what I have.

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Thanks Nemo, I would not have thought it could give you a benefit as you have already the PhoenixNet.
Which Ethernet cables do you use? My audioquest diamond have a noise cancellation inbuilt system already.

how is you system chain set up out of interest please?

Hi Mbj,

Yes, I use one together with their streaming cable and think it is very good.

That said, how much differnce will it make in a chain, as @frenchrooster points out?

You can borrow one and find out. The problem is that IF you do find it is additive you will have weakend my position that having this there is no point in adding more!


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:joy::+1:. As I don’t want to weaken your position, I will not try it.


You are a scholar and a gentleman!

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ha ha is very very true when does it ever end…(feel i am in the fringes of system tweaking/optimisation now after sorting dedicated mains, a Niagara 3000 and separating rack into brains/brawn (will post my findings on the niagara 3000 once done few more A/B tests), only big investment next year would be an m mscaler - waiting to see if new version coming after rob watts dropped some hints on head-fi)

read quite a few people on other sites running ENO with EE / ER switches and also some other truly mind boggling set ups with optical modules/batteries and multiple cascade switches with LPS/master clocks (for that type of money though i would swap the 252 for a pre-loved 552 though which would be end game)

Surely one can say that about any audiophile switch or cable. It’s attempting to do the same thing from a different angle.

The ENO filter is connected using Network Acoustics silver cable bought as a part of their package.

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router > PhoenixNet > ENO filter > i3 NUC > PhoenixUSB

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I am running the ENO & cable with a Cisco 2960 and very happy with the results. An audiophile switch might be an improvement, or it might just be a change. I find that everything makes a difference, whether it is ‘better’ can be a bit difficult to decide. Historically I have had a whole chain of widgets.

I am using the M-Scaler with the Qutest. I’ll be interested in your thoughts with your Dave, have you heard them together yet?

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Thx demo’d one quite a while back which did write up on prob in the tt2 uber thread somewhere. Did nds vs tt/mscalar and dave solos and dave/mscaler

Found dave gave much bigger uplift from nds than tt2 did. Dave/Mscaler wise was awesome with red book cd rips never heard them sound so good. With dave/mscaler on hi res was like icing on cake and removed all digital harshness.

That said i would like to try it again as didn’t have the 252 or system as refined as it is now, and I think the m scalar could give more

Been really impressed with the innuos stuff combined with dave too

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