Network Acoustics ENO filter Ag anyone?


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ha ha is very very true when does it ever end…(feel i am in the fringes of system tweaking/optimisation now after sorting dedicated mains, a Niagara 3000 and separating rack into brains/brawn (will post my findings on the niagara 3000 once done few more A/B tests), only big investment next year would be an m mscaler - waiting to see if new version coming after rob watts dropped some hints on head-fi)

read quite a few people on other sites running ENO with EE / ER switches and also some other truly mind boggling set ups with optical modules/batteries and multiple cascade switches with LPS/master clocks (for that type of money though i would swap the 252 for a pre-loved 552 though which would be end game)

Surely one can say that about any audiophile switch or cable. It’s attempting to do the same thing from a different angle.

The ENO filter is connected using Network Acoustics silver cable bought as a part of their package.

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router > PhoenixNet > ENO filter > i3 NUC > PhoenixUSB

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I am running the ENO & cable with a Cisco 2960 and very happy with the results. An audiophile switch might be an improvement, or it might just be a change. I find that everything makes a difference, whether it is ‘better’ can be a bit difficult to decide. Historically I have had a whole chain of widgets.

I am using the M-Scaler with the Qutest. I’ll be interested in your thoughts with your Dave, have you heard them together yet?

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Thx demo’d one quite a while back which did write up on prob in the tt2 uber thread somewhere. Did nds vs tt/mscalar and dave solos and dave/mscaler

Found dave gave much bigger uplift from nds than tt2 did. Dave/Mscaler wise was awesome with red book cd rips never heard them sound so good. With dave/mscaler on hi res was like icing on cake and removed all digital harshness.

That said i would like to try it again as didn’t have the 252 or system as refined as it is now, and I think the m scalar could give more

Been really impressed with the innuos stuff combined with dave too

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