Network Cables - what's the best?

Even if this topic has been aired before, it’s one that becomes increasingly important as the price of the ND555 soars skywards.
Now that we’ve got over the ‘it’s just ones and zeros’ phobia and come to accept that an ‘audiophile’ switch can make a difference (we have, haven’t we?) the focus homes in on the network interconnects (CAT x) we’re sticking between our EE-switch (?) and our ND555.

Does anyone have any carefully drawn conclusions about which bit of wire gives us a wonderful sound quality, or which to avoid?

I’ve been using Chord C-line up till now, but have this crazy feeling I’m missing something !

This works fine for my NDS.


Ooh… very Christmassy!


Thanks for your recommendation, Pete. I’d make two observations, if I may:

  1. There really is a world of difference between the NDS and the ND555, and I don’t mean the price. The ND555 can deliver so much more than the NDS I discovered when I changed over, and it responds to the use of high quality interconnects (I use a Chord Music with mine - they’re not cheap by any stretch).
  2. The second thing I wanted to say to YOU is this: if you’re mixing cheapo cables (EUR 2,97 is deffo cheap) with an NDS, you’re missing a trick ! Treat yourself to a cable upgrade and enjoy the improvement you’ll undoubtedly hear.

Of course the possibility that you’re pulling my plonker with your 2,97 cable ad hasn’t escaped me, and if is the case, then all I can say is "Have a wonderful Christmas, sir " :partying_face:


One that works is always best.


Don’t encourage him, Richard !

Couldn’t agree more @CrystalGipsy, but that’s only a starting point. Woolworths bell wire works between your amp and your speakers, but I’ll bet my NAP500 that you’re not using any old wire that just ‘works’.

If I’m wrong, please advise the address to ship my 500 to. :cowboy_hat_face:


Nope,I am absolutely serious.
When I got my NDS my dealer told me the same and gave me an audiphile switch (don’t remember which one) and an audiograde expensive cable (can’t remember which brand either) to try.
I absolutely heard zip,none,zero,nada difference with my cheap cable I had lying around.
From that time I am definitely on the side of “it’s all just ones and zeros”.
But don’t want to open a can of worms here,to those who do hear a difference,who am I to say otherwise.
But for me…
Have a nice Xmas everybody!


Have you missed the very long past thread on Ethernet cables?
I don’t think something new will be said today.
Some have Nd555 with cheap Ethernet cables here, because they don’t believe in audiophile ones. Most have cat snake design A or blue jeans.
A minority have expensive ones, like Audioquest Vodka ( DB and Nigel B). Chord Music ( Bertbird).
For the money, I found Meicord as the best . But they are discontinued now.
I have 3 Audioquest diamond, 0,75 m and have no desire to change, as I tried Cat snake, Blue Jeans, generic cat 5, Meicord, Audioquest Forrest and Vodka.


Add me to AQ vodka list.


Whoops, missed that, but found it now. Thanks for your summary of a very long thread, @frenchrooster


From EE8 switch to ND555 I use Chord Epic. This after C-Stream & BJC Cat 6a. Both of these I found ‘OK’, if a little flat. I tried Shawline before Epic and it didn’t gel at all. Epic sounds just right in my set-up.

BJC Cat 6a for all earlier steps in the chain.




Bizarrely, I do indeed have AQ Vodka but found the cheaper DesignaCable CatSnake 6a (with floating shield), which I have everywhere else, sounded better on tha last leg between my EtherREGEN and my ND555, after the installation of a 500DR.

Now, I am going to sit back and enjoy this.


Just get a cable from excel or lindy, honestly the IT world are laughing at us.


Are you sure you are aware of the can of worms you are just about to open @Roger ? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been running Chord Signature Super Aray Streaming Cable between my ER switch → Innuos Zen & also from Zen → NDS.
This on the basis that I didnt feel I could justify the Chord Music and I did trial them before I bought.

To my ears I preferred the outcome to the previously installed AQ Vodka.
Was it expectation bias? I dont know. All I know is that I liked what I heard, bought them individually when I could afford them (fitting incrementally) and Im very satisfied.
(I’m just covering myself :slightly_smiling_face: )

I would also feel sure that it would be worth an upgrade from Chord C Stream on an ND555 - good luck Roger!

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But you said to DB that you will try again the Vodka when your new 500 and Superlumina will be completely run in.
Maybe when your pop corns stock will be empty :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I did, but I have already rejected the Vodka before getting the 500, I just thought I would try it again, but it sounded slightly hard, the same reason I rejected it before. In fact I have already sold a 8m length of Vodka for the same reason.

I will give the Vodka (3m) another try in a few weeks, but I can only report the current status.

Joyeux Noel, FR. :christmas_tree:




Ah… network cables again. Sure.