Network Connection error on Naim ND5 XS with Tidal

After playing for a few minutes my ND5 XS shows “network connection error” and stops palyin then it connects again in seconds. Is somethin wrong with Tidal?

The newer generation streamers increased the buffer size for incoming files. The first generation streamers did have issues but the issue can also lie within an individual network setup.

There are a lot of smart network people on the forum which may be able to provide you with a better answer. You may want to use the search feature, this topic was discussed quite a bit in the past on here and possibly the archived forum which is still accessible.

Thank you

The forum used to be plagued with posts about Tidal dropouts on the 1st gen streamers. This was attributed to the very small buffer they used, which can’t be changed. However, such complaints now seem to be far less frequent. Naim have been to great lengths to optimise the firmware to help mitigate this, and I believe they have also been in communication with Tidal to get them to make adjustments at their end. This seems to have been largely successful but perhaps there is still some vulnerability.
Most of the above is out of your hands, of course, other than making sure that your streamer firmware is up to date. There is still a possibility that your home network is to blame, or that your ISP has made changes behind the scenes that cause latency issues.

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