Network Help: Deco Mesh Installed - But Have I Got Two LANs?

Hello Networking Superstars - I need your help!
Inspired by one of the other threads I thought I’d try a TP-Link Deco mesh system. Just as advertised, it was simple to set-up and works - almost.

I now seem to have two networks - a wired one and the wireless Deco mesh. They seem to have two different IP ranges - 192.168.0.xx for the wired stuff and 192.168.68.xx for the wireless stuff. The primary issue is that I can’t see / find / map to my wired NAS drive from the wireless network. I have two desktop PCs hanging off the Deco units that I previously mapped to the QNAP, and that allowed me to rip CDs, edit metadata etc. Now, the Qfinder tool can’t see the QNAP at all, much less map to it.

Previously I just used the wifi network created by my Netgear router, with three Apple Expresses hanging off it to connect the two PCs and my Mu-so Qb. All items fell in the expected IP range 192.168.0.xx

I understand that the Deco expects to create addresses in the 192.168.68.xx range - I had a fruitless online chat with Deco online support last night.

Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to unify things again?

TIA, Gavin

Not an expert but I have the Deco system. Are you using the Deco as your only router and are you taking your wired connection from the Master ?

You can set the IP range via the app. Go to advanced > DHCP Server. I have a very old NAS that is just used for temporary storage during ripping and can’t change the fixed IP address anymore. I changed the .68 addressing to .1 to match my previous IP range of my previous Apple setup. My LAN IP is and the DHCP range is set from

You can also reserve addresses here too in the Address Reservation section.

Thanks for the input, James. Reading a bit further, it seems I’m using the Deco as a second router - my Netgear router AND the Deco. However, I think I’ve found a solution - I can change the Deco mode to Access Point (away from Router) and all the devices are now in the original IP range, presumably set by my Netgear router.

I’m just re-booting my PC to see whether it can successfully see the NAS.

That’s one way. Why don’t you just use the Deco instead of using both ?

I just use the Master Deco connected to a Virgin Superhub (set in modem mode). I take a wired connection from the Deco master to a Cisco switch to provide a number of ports for other wired kit. Works well.

I guess I could work it like that. I currently have three things hanging off my Netgear router - my work laptop, a switch in the Lounge with the hifi, QNAP, TV, Apple TV etc. and a switch in the dining room with Qute, TV, xbox etc. This would need me to add another switch in.

The change to Access Point seems to have worked as I wanted - the PC hanging off one of the Deco slave units can now see and access the QNAP.

Could anyone comment in which is likely to work better from a speed point of view?

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