Network issues

My NDS and uniticore are not showing on Naim App I can get radio and Upnp on front panel on NDS. And play but not showing on app I have done everything suggested reset app factory set NDS switched on and off Hard set the Core but nothing they are all wired via a Cisco switch Please can members give any advice ideas The hub is Virgin 4 and the cable is fibre optic Thanks all

Trying rebooting the switch. If no joy, reboot the router and switch.

Have you rebooted the virgin network?

Have you checked that your phone is logged on to your wifi network and not just using regular mobile reception?

Thanks I have rebooted hub switch and my phone is connected to same network also The naim app has been rebooted many times

When I have had a problem with mine (Virgin also) I do the following;

  1. Switch off Virgin hub for 1 min and then switch back on
  2. Give hub time to completely restart, 3-5 mins
  3. Unplug my Core and reinsert the plug 1 min later

And in some instances i have disconnected and reconnected the cable between hub and switch.

Any chance you could temporarily connect the NDS and Core directly to the Virgin hub and bypass the switch?

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I really hope he doesn’t work in the command centre for a telco starting with V. :laughing:

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I wondered why my ‘home’ network just dropped out :joy:

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Hi I have done as suggested David no joy also reset Cisco switch also bi passed switch and wired directly to Virgin router

As a matter of interest my mu so appears on app radio is fine but nothing appears from uniticore

Morning all I have now connected up NDS wirelessly and hey presto everything is now up and running The app now shows all my equipment and the Mu so now gets the Uniticore information very strange at least I can listen now but obviously wired sounds better Thanks all

Now working Wireless can anyone think why this is?and any ideas Thanks all

cable damaged?

From looking around the internet others with the Virgin Hub 3 (and I believe that the Hub 4 is similar) have reported wired network issues. A common fix is to put the Virgin router into modem mode (to interface with the fibre network) and use an alternative router instead.

I had similar issues and successfully proved that the above approach worked. However as an experiment I also changed the DHCP range in the Virgin router from the default to an alternative. I then reset the router, waited for it to boot and then power cycled any devices (including the Naim ones) which did not connect. This seemed to do the trick and things have been stable since.

I would like to Thank all for the naim/network issues by doing things in my hall I unplugged an EERO extender and all the issues disappeared App brilliant and a happy music lover Thanks all

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