Network Player upgrade, but at the expense of the 282?

Hi Everyone
I am looking to upgrade my Network Player/Streamer. But, the choice is not as easy as I thought.
My system comprises: Bluesound Node 2 (Source) - NAC 282 - HiCap DR - NAP 300 DR - Kudos Titan 606.

I initially thought the natural upgrade would be the NDX 2, but after several demos, wasn’t convinced. I have also looked at the NAC-N 272 (Not demoed yet) which is very popular and recommended by other forum members. The 272 is an upgrade to my Node 2, but perhaps it’s pre amp is a downgrade to my NAC 282? Having said that, a NAP 300DR with the 272 appears to be a popular choice. I have demoed a Chord ‘Qutest’ with the Node 2, but didn’t notice any improvement. Would selling my 282 for a high end streamer with a pre amp be an option?

Any recommendation would be welcome. Thanks :+1:

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A search of this and the old forum will show that the 272 vs 282 has been the subject of much conjecture. My take is that a separate quality streamer e.g NDX2/XPS with a 282 is a considerably enhanced musical experience over the 272/XPS. But there is a considerable difference in cost and many see the 272 as equally good and it’s really down to personal preference. That said I’m surprised that you weren’t impressed with the NDX2 - I was hugely. Was it bare or with a XPS or 555 PSU. Was the demo in your system?



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LindsayM…Thanks for your reply. The NDX 2 was bare on both occasions that I demoed it. Demoed with the 282/300, but at the dealer.

Can you bring the NDX2 home to try in your system in your room?

It WILL benefit from pairing with external power supplies - XPS2 or better yet 555PS.

If you’re tempted to pitch the 282 for an N272, you’ll really want the 555PS as well to bring it up to what you’re wanting to hear.

Logically, NDX2 is the right choice. You may, simply, have been hearing things in your dealer’s room that have nothing to do with the NDx2 itself. Bring it home, and a power supply, and play with them for an hour or two.

Bart…You are right, I really should bring the NDX home. However, it’s a 200 mile round trip. Not that far I guess, in comparison to where you live. :grinning:

I live 3 miles from one dealer…whose door I shall never grace again (long story but one oft’ told by their customers), and my ‘go to’ dealer is 1000 miles away but happy to Fex Ex ship me anything on loaner.

Enjoy the drive :slight_smile:

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I’d suggest that either adding an NDX2/XPSDR or NDX2/555PSDR, or swapping the 282/HC for a 272/555PSDR is the way to go. The former should be a good bit better but there is also the cost and the five box / two box dilemma to deal with. I certainly would not use a 272 with 300 and 606 without a 555PS in place. If we assume my SL2s are about the same level as the 606 I can confirm that the 272/555 is not outclassed.

Thanks HH :+1:

I’ve just bought an NDX2 but use it with an XPS DR. The power supply makes a very big difference to SQ.


Thanks John :+1:

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At the 282 level, I think the NDX2 deserves a power supply and a Superlumina interconnect. I have those with a SN2 which has revealed great lifts in SQ with each source improvement. I bought those in good faith as I couldn’t demo and are very apply with the oiutcome.

With the 272 there is the question of whether you are happy with the older streaming platform (in terms of source, below the NDX2) and the possibility of a replacement product in 2020.

Mike, I agree with you: an xps dr will uplift the sound of the ndx2. But an ndx2/ 282/ hicap / 250 is a well balanced system.
A Superlumina will still enhances all, but the Superlumina was first produced for the Statement. The ndx2 / 282 doesn’t need absolutely this very expensive cable. Because a full loom Superlumina would cost the same as ndx2 / 282 . Normally all cables should cost not more than 15 % of the total system.
Full loom Superlumina ( 2 interconnects and speakers cables ) cost around 8k. Better buy a 252 for that price or 555 dr for the ndx2.

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Yes, the SL interconnect is an odd one. I grabbed a second hand one that came up (a rare opportunity). It was quite transformational in my system, but I agree, it’s not essential. Though I think at the 282 level, source improvements will give the best results.

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You are lucky to have found a second hand Superlumina. Specially in :new_zealand:

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Luckier than the guy who died :flushed:

May he rests in peace !

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Mike…After making several enquiries I have discovered that the 272 doesn’t support Roon, so it’s no longer an option.
Thanks for your help. :+1:

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272 is good but it is old, get a NDX2 with a PS…

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I would not agree with limiting the cost of cables to a given percentage of the hardware cost of a system.
If they give a proportionate boost in SQ they are worth their cost.

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I am slightly concerned that the demo of an NDX2 wasn’t clearly an improvement on the Bluesound as it should have been - and that isn’t to denigrate the BS. Did you listen to the BS at the same demonstrations? The 282/300/Titans should be more than capable of revealing improvements in the source at this level - if you are looking to change the 282 I’d suggest a 252 would be the direction of travel.

Of course the NDC2 with a power supply will be better but for the aditional price it should be!