Network Scan

Has anyone tried to Network Scan their streamers to check wifi connection quality?

I’m just wondering why I’m getting different connection levels from my 2 iPhones with the same current IOS. The newer iPhone shows poor connection quality, while my older iPhone shows moderate connection quality.

Yes, people tried when it was new. The results were all over the place and some known-good networks were classified as broken. It may well be a helpful tool if something really is broken, but don’t let it tell you that something is broken if everything is working fine.

See the old thread:

Thanks for the link, Suedkiez. I just tried that tool today.

What’s also confusing is that my 1st gen Muso exhibited “Great” connection even if it was very far from the router, while my ND5XS2 exhibited “Poor” connection even when I temporarily placed it around 2 feet from the router.?.?.?

Basically this “tool” is totally useless and you should just ignore it.

Maybe it reports useful stuff to Naim support but it says nothing meaningful to the customers.


Apologies for the elementary question, but what is the correct way to use this tool?


  1. Standby Mode - power button lighted


  1. Turned ON - power button and Naim logo lighted

I noticed that when I tried using the Network Scan while the streamer is on Standby Mode, I always got a “Poor” connection. But when I conduct the Network Scan while the Streamer is Turned ON, I always get a “Great” connection.


Can’t remember if mine was on when I got a poor result for a good network. One would think that if it needs the streamer to be on for correct evaluation, that it would wake it up from standby

The initial test I did was from Rooms, then I clicked the “?”. So basically the streamer was still on standby mode, resulting in poor connection.

But what I then did was while the app is on Rooms, I did not click the streamer from the app, but rather manually pressed the power button of the streamer. This way, i can wake up the streamer without leaving Rooms in the app and still being able to access the “?” in the app.

I think most people go straight in pressing the “?” while in Rooms and not manually pressing the power button thereby not waking up the streamer, and thus resulting to “poor” or “moderate” connection.

I think “Poor” or even “Moderate” streamer connection contradicts a “Good” area coverage which is normally shown, thus making the results confusing and even questionable.

Oh, a bit of a disclaimer. I use a ND5XS2 which does not have a separate remote, so I solely rely on the Naim app, or manually pressing the power button of the streamer.

You can also tap the streamer in Rooms to wake it up and then tap the < button, top left, to go back to the Rooms to tap the ?

(In any case, if it needs the streamer to be out of standby it should wake it up when the ? is pressed, or show a message. If it doesn’t, that’s the app’s fault and not the user’s)

I just scanned with the streamer woken up and it still shows useless results, even worse than last time, now saying it didn’t detect a streamer and recommending to check wifi. The streamer is wired and working just fine. It also says that my download speed is too low and it recommends 15 mbps minimum. I have 250 from the ISP and as it is wired this is what the streamer gets (well, 100 because that’s the streamer’s limit). And the phone where the Naim app is installed gets 50 over wifi according to a separate speed test.

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