Network setup without working screen - Unitilite

Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to setup my wireless network settings on my Unitilite without using the remote/lcd screen? My screen died sometime back and I’ve been happily using the Naim app, but my network has changed and need to update now. Any ideas would be great! Thank you.

The only way I can think of is to change your WiFi SSID and password to be the same as it was on the old setup.

Otherwise you will have to either use Ethernet (which should disable the WiFi automatically) or pay Naim to change the screen (a screen replacement service in UK from Naim is about £150).

A lot depends on exactly what you need to do. If you set that out, someone with a Lite may be able to tell you the sequence of button presses. But if a wifi password needs to be entered it’s going to be too complex I suspect. If you are not using wifi and are on DHCP rather than a fixed IP address it should just work I’d have thought.

Wired is better and easier but if you need to stay on the WiFi then the suggestion above from davidhendon is a good one.

Open a browser and navigate to which should take you to your router admin page. The default password to log in should be somewhere on the router - perhaps on a sticker underneath.

Go to the Wireless settings and there should be an option somewhere to change the SSID and password. Set these to the old values and apply changes.

He said he needs to change his wireless settings Nigel, by which he means WiFi….

Thanks everyone. I’ll need to do some work to get an Ethernet cable to the Uniti. I like the idea of finding another Unitilite user and mirroring the control inputs, but I too think it’ll be too complex. I don’t have admin of the Wi-Fi in the building to change the SSD, etc. I think I’ll take my lumps and get the display repairs. Here in the US it’s a $500 job, and a ‘new’ Unitilite is only $1000.

Have you tried just running a loose ethernet cable from your router to the Lite? They are dirt cheap and may be all you need. When you connect by ethernet it overrides the wifi so may ‘just work’ and save you $500. That’s a lot of music.

The UI for Unitilite is the same as for any of the other green screen units, so if you post here then no doubt someone will give you the instructions, which definitely works for simpler things. But typing in a new SSID and password may be just too complex to do.

I wonder whether another option might be to run a second WiFi subnet for your Unitilite and phone, which you could set to your old settings - if you know what they were. But I’m reaching beyond my knowledge of home networking, although there are others here who could help. And I’m sure it could be made to work.

However the Ethernet cable, or even the dreaded Ethernet over Powerline, might be the pragmatic way to go.

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