Network Switch Connections

Just be careful with budget, this forum is very good at spending other peoples money!
Before you know if you’ll be sat looking at a 1m cable that’s cost you £2000.
Start simple, experiment as you go and take your time, give the changes a week or two to evaluate your personal preferences.
There’s no binary solution or advise here as I pointed out in my first post.
Often the best conclusion comes without significant cost importantly.



Yes, good advice.

I just read the new review of the P1 in the last Hifi News magazine. Our member, the venerable Andrew Everard reviewed it. He found that fiber optic Ethernet was really better.
You can see the magazine in the Applestore Zinio app.


I have almost the exact setup. I.e. EE8 (1) switch 1st feeding my streamer and tv, then a boggo switch (2) daisy chained from the EE8 switch feeds my pc and NAS.

I have convinced myself that my PC ethernet is faster this way! It probably isnt! But my thought was my EE8 switch would clean up the signal to the 2nd switch

I can report an improvement in both streamed music and that from my NAS despite still having a normal switch (2) in the system

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