Network Troubles Again. Can’t “see” the Uniti Core in File Explorer

A couple of weeks ago I was celebrating because the Network display in File Explorer on my new Windows 10 Pro installation showed the Naim Uniti Core and the Roon Nucleus and I could readily access their files. Now neither is visible when I click on Network. I can get the Nucleus to display by putting \Nucleus in the search field of File Explorer but the same procedure does not work for the Uniti Core. It is identified as “Uniti Core nnnnn”, where n stands for its five numeric ID, but putting that correct string after the backward slashes doesn’t produce a display.

Any ideas to access the Uniti Core appreciated. Better yet, does anyone know how to get all the Network devices properly displayed again?

One thing that works 90% of time, I hope it will for you: restart your router, wait till internet is back, restart your Nas, Nucleus, wait, then restart your streamer.

in file explorer click on network, let it load. if your devices do not show, in the address bar in that window above type: two back slashes followed by the IP of what ever you are trying to connect to, then hit return. For example \

It should show. now select what ever share you want right click it and ‘map network drive’ go through the short wizard and save and it will be there for you in the future.

for this to work best and permanently you’ll want to fix the ip or reserve the DHCP IP address of the devices.

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