Network woes - HIfi home office Mesh add on

hello all, so whilst adding a mesh wifi box to my sky q router all was fine hifi wise, as my cisco switch was still directly into the sky q router.

Sky q only have ethernet ports, one is going to the TP Link Mesh disc the other was to my cisco switch which feeds the streamer and server.

Anyway the sky q mini boxes did not like my relegating the main sky q TV box to wifi only.

So I decided to daisy chain the Cisco through any TPlink switch.

Since then neither the streamer or server with communicate, all the network ports for each device are flashing correctly orange and green.

I have restarted pretty much everything, even reset the cisco as a last resort, still nothing.

BT socket 》 tp link mesh 》sky q router LAN port

Sky q router 2nd port 》 tp link switch 》cisco switch 》 streamer and server.

Any ideas, I all went wrong when I removed the Cisco switch from the sky q router…

Just to be clear I am using the hifi wired not wifi

Have you tried a full reset to Factory on the Sky router, then a sequential reset of other items.
I have found that the Sky Q router can get easily confused and even with a recent minor change it required a reset to factory on the sky Q router to sort.
The main Sky Q TV box needs hard wiring to work reliably, the mini boxes require a strong wifi signal to work.

No not yet, will try that later once the work from home day ends

Sadly no success so I went back to the original setup, all good now.

Yeah it looks like you had made a mashup that unsurprising didn’t work.
Keep it simple. You often can’t simply mix and match Ethernet network devices together and expect to work without clearly understanding the network function they are performing. Routing, switching or bridging. These are all very different and distinct functions.

There should be one router only. Its switch ports should connect to your hosts, wifi access points or another switch.

Some Mesh systems also act as a router… you seemed to have your mesh system router connecting to your SkyQ router and its switch ports. If so that will not work, without using advanced equipment and some IT know how on configuration of these advanced devices. Most consumer stuff won’t support this.

Remember keep it simple… ensure you have ONE router only… have that router at the interface between your internet access and your LAN.


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