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At present, I run an HDX as a ripper / server to an ND555 streamer, and there’s also a Synology NAS as a back up on the same wired network.

I’ve just acquired, for not many pennies, a recently serviced NS01 ripper / server from my pals at Acoustica, the long term idea being to provide a backup for the the day when the HDX eventually has to be retired.

Though I’ve tested it, and it’s absolutely fine, it doesn’t seem to be be possible to have both devices present on the network at the same time.

Is there a way round this conundrum?


What exactly happens when you try? I can’t see why it would be a problem to run both.

I would imagine an IP address conflict?


When I tried this on Friday, I couldn’t see both devices using the Naim app.

Just now, I’ve fired up the NS01, hooked into my network switch, which already has connections for both the HDX and the ND555, and there it is, showing alongside the other two, both within the app. and on my network on my MacBook.

I’ve no idea what I must have been doing wrong the other day, but mysteriously, everything is all present and correct now.

Doh! indeed.

Sorry chaps, must try harder in future, before posting randomly on here.

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You need to give it a bit of time from boot up.

I need to give myself a bit more time before frustration / exasperation sets in, I think. :roll_eyes:

Thanks, everyone.


Hi Dave, as you already have a Synology NAS attached, have you ever considered using that as the main media server & rip CD’s on a laptop with an internal or external DVD, its ever so easy - OK OK not as easy as your one slot plug in ripper, but …
Things have moved on a lot since HDX, a laptop with dBpoweramp (ripping software) & Asset or Minimserver (media server softer) on the Synology has so much more editing flexibility to offer.
Backup can be simpler than using a NAS, I use a WD My Passport (size of a fat wallet) & plug it in for a new backup as required.

Yes, I’ve seen the views about ripping to NAS via my MacBook, but the HDX was once my source, running via the Naimdac and 555PS, so when I bought my first Naim streamer, it seemed sensible to relegate it to ripping / serving, rather than get rid of it.

It went back to Naim a couple of years ago for a complete, (and I do mean complete!), overhaul, at a most reasonable price, so it soldiers on. I’ve not had any real issue with ripping, and can do all the editing I need using the ageing nServe app.

So I guess it’s a case of “If it ain’t broke, etc”, and the newly serviced by Naim NS01 was available so cheaply that it made sense as an eventual replacement, for when the HDX finally dies.


I fink I’m going mad … … … either that, or I’m missing the bleedin’ obvious, (wouldn’t be the first time).

I started this topic to inform everyone that my network couldn’t simultaneously see both my HDX and my newly acquired NS01, and then, blimey, it all sprang into life, and there they both were.

Now, something weird has happened.

Using my MacBook, and opening “network”, both devices show in the Finder window, and the music shows, as expected, in the “MQ” folder of each. The HDX has my music only, and the NS01 has the few choons which came with it.

Moving now to the Naim app, and choosing either one as “server”, then all the music shows on each, and can be played via the streamer.

Wos’ goin’ on folks? How can my MacBook be showing the music to be present only on the expected device, yet the app shows that everything exists on both, and can be played?

:thinking: :man_shrugging:

A UPnP server can, if granted access, scan music files on any device on your network, not just its own internal storage. Presumably the folders on your two drives have been given ‘music share’ status on both servers, which have therefore scanned them and assimilated them into their libraries.

That would explain why the UPnP can see everything, though, in reality, the actual drive contents remain separate, as confirmed by my MacBook.


There’s more to this streaming malarkey than meets my untutored eye!

Cheers, Chris.

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This line of products automatically scans your network for music, it was its big sell, obviously they have spotted each other, struck up a conversation and hit it off. It is as designed.

If you created a music folder on a nas or you pc or what ever and share it to the network HDX, NSXX will spot it and import the music, was ever thus.

This is not tied to UPNP, its via the Samba protocol. SMB has however moved on massively since these devices came out so sometimes you have to fiddle a bit on windows to make it show up. Windows 11 is stopping you from doing that, so when your hdx etc dies, time to move on!

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@ChrisSU, @garyi

Final question, hopefully,

I remember early on with my HDX that the advice from Naim was not to mess with the database by copying music into the MQ folder which hadn’t been ripped by the HDX.

Given that there’s tons of room on the NS01 drive, can I successfully copy my files over from the HDX, given that they were originally ripped on the HDX, or am I risking catastrophe?


No. Unless there is a downloads folder on the NS02, you could put them in there.

It would be a guess but you may be able to back up between the two. But really I would seriously consider converting any WAVs to to FLAC and backing them up to a NAS somewhere. You can always point either device to that back up then for music. Really its only a matter of time before they go poof, and frankly I would rather a proper stratagy.

Yes, there is a downloads folder on the NS01, so I’ll copy the contents of the MQ folder on the HDX across.

Everything was indeed ripped in FLAC, and the HDX coverts back to WAV on the fly during replay.

Similarly, the files in the music folder on the Synology NAS are in FLAC.

Both the HDX and the newer NS01 have been back to Naim for a complete service, including new hard drives in each case, so I’m hoping they’ll be good for a while yet.

Many thanks for your help, Gary.

No problem. Its not so much an issue of longevity but of age! They both run windows XP imbedded. At some point they will just not be seen by computers on the network, its inevitable. You should consider your next move really. Windows 11 next update is going to prevent SMB 1 from being activated, this is what HDX needs to see music on the network.

If you can eek a year out thats great but don’t assume another decade!

I agree, the safe bet is just to copy the HDX files to the NS01 Downloads folder. You lose the option to edit them in N-Serve so either check for any edits you may want to make before moving them, or use a third party metadata editor in future if you need to.

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Last I read, the SMB1 support can still be installed as a separate package after this.

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