New 252, maybe the firmware

New 252, maybe the firmware upgrade but it is so clear and loud I find myself turning the 250 down which is v odd. Thinking too much bass. Just pointed my spendor A7s left and right to listening position (so sideways)! Better but bass.
Any tips welcome. It is crystal clear.

It became clearer with with the firmware.

Speakers near back wall or in front?

Speakers 3m apart and 3m from sofa.


Hi Danie,

Has there been a firmware upgrade on the pre-amps?

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Not that I am aware of, and if there was it would be only for the logic / automation controller which doesn’t affect SQ of course, and would likely only be applied when serviced.

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This must be a late April Fool’s joke. Everyone now looking for a mini USB port at the back of the 252.

Agreed…what “firmware” is there to update and how would anyone update it? With no port and no internet connection

See my post two up.

Appreciate naim can update firmware during service by a reflash…

I suspect the OP is referring to the NDX2 firmware upgrade, coupled with having a new 252. All the firmware on a 252 does is control its operation, not its sonics.

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Yes, the firmware in the streamers can have an effect on the sound /audio response… but not for the NACs.
The streamers are designed to be user upgradable.

What did the 252 replace?

I wonder if you are hearing what a much better quality pre-amp (inc PS?) delivers.

IME, the effect is usually to tighten up on bass, and reveal more weight to the sound.

Exactly what does turning the 250 down mean? Are you talking about lowering the volume which you obviously do on the pre? Regarding firmware is that the firmware in the NDX you are refering to?

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yes, after the ndx2 update the sound is clearer but a touch harsher. lost some magic.
replaced a nac 272 which got me hooked. that lacked some openness though.
I can only guess a power supply for the ndx2. ran out of cheap options…
spendor A7


that makes sense, it’s very tight, just a bit overpowering in the current set up.

Hi Danie,

Sometimes when you make a significant upgrade in the Naim electronics, you will find that the previous locations for your speakers are no longer the optimal ones. I would urge you to experiment a bit with speaker placement before you come to any conclusions about your electronics. Moving speakers a bit closer to the wall behind them often increases the apparent bass performance, by setting up more of a sympathetic room response. This might help better integrate the higher frequencies in your system. Or you may find that the speakers sound better when moved further away from the rear wall. You really have to experiment to find the best balances; for your tastes and for your system.

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moved them much closer to the rear wall this morning and this has worked very well, thanks a lot.

The 252 is very high gain because it was designed in an era where line level was ~1V not the 2+ that modern equipment puts out.
I very rarely have the volume control above 8-9 o’ clock.

Do you know if that is also the case with the 552 preamp?

V interesting, 8 blows me away. Is there any variation between source selection? On CD at the moment.

Not by input, no - other than AV set to unity gain.