New 272 Owner: 2nd Hand 250 DR or 135 Monoblocs

Just bought a NAC-N272 and it sounds fantastic. But it’ll sound much better with an amp upgrade.

Which way would you go? NAP 250DR or the 135 Monoblocs? Can’t audition just now for obvious reasons and would be very difficult to do a straight comparison in normal times.

I like vintage h-fi for sentimental reasons but SQ comes first.

Come on guys I’m itching to pull the trigger; 135 monoblocs or the 250?

What do you use at the moment?

Kids meant my separates went into the garage years ago so bear with me.

Currently using my 272 with a Technics su-v900 integrated amp and Monitor Audio Audio BR2 speakers.

Sounds great to my ears but clearly loads of room for improvement.

Wanted Naim since I was a teenager 30 years ago. The 272 alone is a great feeling (and sound)

Probably 250DR - wonderful amp- quite a number on forum have this combo

And should be a great combo for the 372 when hits the market ha :smiley:

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Been reading the 272 thread. The 372 ain’t happening right :grinning:

I have a NAC 272 and a NAP 250DR, great amp and a perfect match IMO.


If you are replacing both amp and speakers over time you could consider active speakers now

I successfully ran a 272 into ATC19As

135s will be better at driving more demanding speakers

It depends on your end game

I had the 250CB and then changed to 2 x 135s CB. The 135s are an improvement over the 250CB with more power, better separation and wider soundstage.

I have heard the 250DR and it is more refined than the 135s but less power. Slightly different type of sound.

I love my 135s and would only change them for a 500.

Thanks all food for thought.

I am sure there are lots more 250’s out there - of varying ages & specs - compared to 135’s.


135’s get the thumbs up from me…full disclosure I’ve not heard a 250!

How important is it to you to have matching boxes?

135s are a lot of amplifier to hang off a bare 272. The 272/250DR is very good and the addition of a power supply to the 272 makes it even better. I’d suggest that’s the way to go if you want three boxes.


Thinking more about this, how would a pair of 135’s even be connected to a 272…?? Normally, they would connect to different outputs on a HiCap or SuperCap…?

No fussed about the boxes matching but the 250DR seems the logical choice. From what I’ve read there are a lot of happy 272/250DR owners.

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Loved my 250DR…

Hi Stu,

I don’t think this at all straight forward. I love the CB and still have one of my 250s in the loft as an emergency standby …but, I prefer the Classic gear. The 250DR is a great amp.

I suspect this will be down to ancillary equipment and your personal preferences.

Have you got a good dealer?



The 272 has a pair of four pin din sockets, perfect for the purpose.

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Ah-Ha… Good to go then.


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