New 272 Owner: 2nd Hand 250 DR or 135 Monoblocs

I’ve just got a 250dr to go with my 272 +Xp5xs to my ears it’s lush , so I don’t think you can go wrong with 250dr :+1:t3::ear:

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Thanks for all the input, it’s greatly appreciated. I’ve taken the plunge on the 250DR :blush:

Question on speaker cable. I see it comes with a plug. I’m using bare wire into my amp at the moment. Can I terminate the bare wire into the plug myself or does it need to be soldered etc.

Can’t wait to hear it :grin:

Congrats on the 250! Your friendly dealer will be happy to solder the bare wire to the speaker plugs … I don’t know what speaker cables you are using, but it will not take long before members will start advising you to use Naim NACA5 speaker cables.

Bought the unit s/h online so won’t be able to take my cables in.

Will look at the NACA5 cables. In for a penny, in for a pound!

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You can’t put bare wire into the sockets on a 250. It’s really worth getting the supplied plugs properly soldered on by someone who knows what they’re doing. (Some dealers are very good at this, others are not!)
You may be able to buy some NACA5 that’s already properly terminated. If it takes you a bit of time to get this done, I would suggest getting some cheapish screw-down banana plugs and using them with your existing cables to tide you over until you can get the job done properly.

Thanks I’ve got some banana plugs from way back I can use for now.

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