New album recommendations 2019

Any information or opinion to go with this?

Not heard it yet. To be released end of Feb.


any recommendation?

Well, I am no expert and my choice was compiled from some listening on Youtube and some checking of reviews. There were a couple with John Surman who I think is a fantastic musician, so I ordered those: Mountainscapes, In Pas(s)ing. Otherwise I went with reviews of Divine Love. Then Sound Suggestions which has excellent and wll known supporting musicians, although I haven’t heard George Adams. And I was going to buy the Bobo Stenson but after looking at some reviews I went for Serenity instead, although War Orphans is also supposed to be very good. Then there were some others I reluctantly cut from my basket!

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Welsh harp, with saxophone, at it’s contemporary finest.

To be released tomorrow…

Dominic Miller - Absinthe

Dominic Miller (Guitar), Santiago Arias (Bandoneon), Mike Lindup (Keyboard), Nicolas Fiszman (Bass) and Manu Katché (Drums).

I pre-ordered this and look forward to its arrival…


One that I ordered and really enjoy is…

Eberhard Weber - The Following Morning

Eberhard Weber (Bass), Rainer Brüninghaus (Piano) and Members of Philharmonic Orchestra Oslo

I believe they are all available on TIDAL or Spotify if you have access to give a listen.

That sounds very interesting. I’ll give it a listen.

Tomorrow on Hyperion records…

Julia Jacklin ‘Crushing’. Amazing, amazing album. Beautiful voice, great lyrics and sounds great too. Highly recommended.


Agree on your comments. A lovely album.

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Recentely downloaded. The Britten concerto only is worth a dowload. If you fancy Britten you should listen to that one. The recording is amazing.

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So far this year, these all sound excellent to my old, jaded ears:
Steve Gunn - The Unseen In Between
The Twilight Sad - It Won’t Be Like This All The Time
The Specials - Encore
Beirut - Gallipoli
Rustin Man - Drift Code

That Steve Gunn is excellent. Might even be his best yet!



Karen O and Danger Mouse ‘Prima Lux’ is very good. It has a similar vibe to Air’s ‘Moon Safari’ in places. Well worth a listen.


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