New amp for Proac D2's

Hi all
It’s my 40th in november so an excuse to upgrade my amplifier without getting grief from the wife :slight_smile:

I currently have a roksan k2 connected to my proac d2’s (source is a technics 1210gr and and I stream occassionaly from a node 2i). I also have an old naim 5i in a 2nd system which I sometimes switch with the roksan.

just seeing if a naim xs3 would be a decent upgrade over the roksan k2/ naim5i or would it be better to go the whole hog and get a supernait 2 or 3. If I opt to get a sn2, then an phonostage would be required as well. lack of rack space means I can’t go down the pre/power route right now.

any help would be appreciated, cheers

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Go the whole hog … and make it as big a hog you can lay your hands on … these speakers keep on giving.


I had a NAIT XS 2 with a pair of D2’s and they sounded fantastic and a SN 2 or 3 would work nicely as well. Since it is your birthday treat yourself to the SN 3!

Perhaps arrange a demo at your dealers and/or a home demo if you can.

Good luck with your decision…

I’m not overly familiar with Technics turntables, at least not your particular model, but my gut feeling is that it, and certainly the Node 2i, are rather weak sources for the quality of amp and speakers you are looking at. The Proacs are quite revealing, and all the more so if you go for the Supernait. For a more balanced system I would consider a source upgrade as the first move.

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You guys beat me to it. 100% agree to get your sources straightened out as the ProAc’s just keep giving. However to answer your question I’d bite the bullet and go straight for the SN3. The SN3 has a built in phono stage(MM) and from what I hear it’s really good.

I have a Supernait 3, with the smaller Tablette 10 and it’s a wonderful combination. I use the MM phono stage with my Rega 8 and that’s wonderful too. As Chris says above, better sources would be highly advisable; my streaming source is NDX2/555PS and I’d be looking at an NDX2 as a good match.

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Thanks for the responses, appreciate the help. Will try and get a demo booked of an sn3.

Agree that node 2i is the weak point but it’s mainly for convenience/ back ground listening ,might look to get an external dac at some point as I quite like the blu os app.

A bit radical perhaps but how about a NAC72/Hicap/Olive NAP250 or NAP135s?

It’s an alternative that will really drive and control the delightful Proacs. If you are in the UK, buy from a Naim dealer with large stock of used Naim equipment such as Tom Tom or one of several others


He can’t accommodate separates …

Fair point, well made.

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I think the SN3 is the logical choice, if Naim is your aim!

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With a qutest the node2i is awesome

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