New amp little concern


I got my new NAP300DR yesterday.
Everything was ok, I listened to a few things in the evening, then let the tuner with the volume dimmed.
This morning the amp was off.
I turned it off and on with the button, then it went back to normal.
This is a bit strange, did someone ever experienced this ?

Does seem odd. Have you pushed the powerline connector all the way in to the amp socket. You can sometimes not push the whole way in so that the cable does not grab the amp connectors properly. Other than that if it does it again get onto your dealer.

Maybe the power button didn’t latch properly. As Gazza suggests, make sure the mains lead is fully inserted, be firm with the power button, and if it happens again ask for a replacement.

I did that : checking the main lead insertion before turning the power button off and on, but with no result.
I will inform my dealer, hoping it won’t happen again.

(for Gazza, indeed I have a powerline, you gessed that :slightly_smiling_face:; it’s not provided with the 300).

Hmmn…thought it was, perhaps i had a spare?

As HH suggests above, it may be that the power switch didn’t latch properly.

One other possibility might be that it went into protection mode or the thermal protection was tripped if the amp got to over 70 degrees C. But that might indicate either a fault with amp or cabling, or else use of unsuitable speaker cabling (either too low inductance or two high capacitance or a combination of the two). I assume that’s all fine?

I have Superlumina speaker cables, and everything worked fine with the 300 I owned before…

Sounds good. Most likely the switch didn’t quite latch properly then.

Not that good, it stops after 10 minutes (even with the volume at 0), then refuse to start.
It needs about 15 min to be able to be on. (did that several times).
Looks like a protection mode, but no heat on the boxes…

OK, I would call your dealer and explain the problem. They should be be able to sort it out for you.

Does it happen only when it is left muted for some time or when it is playing at audible levels?
I’m just thinking that there might be a time-out mode in the latest units which trips in if no output occurs after an extended period?

My 300DR is ~ 2 yrs old and does not do this. It’s a good thought but I think we’d have heard if this was a “feature” and not a “bug.”

This happened maybe 5 times today, once it wouldn’t be on again after off/on button switch.
Only after 15 minutes.
And now, it’s been on for 3 hours without any cut, playing music for 20 minutes…let’s see.
Maybe it’s programmed to have this time-out mode to comply with european regulations, but Naim managed to have this working five times only. :wink:

I talked to my dealer, indeed he said the problem might be related to a time-out mode that could intervein.
He said all european products now must have a time-out mode.
That would be annoying for Naim boxes that must stay “on” …
He phoned Naim/Focal. Waiting for an answer now.

Now playing, already nicely, I cross fingers. :sunglasses:

There is no time out mode on the 300. I’m amazed your dealer thinks there might be such a thing, and it rather makes one question their competence. As it’s new and doesn’t work, tell your dealer you’d like it replaced. That should not be a problem.

I had this problem with my previous 300. Mind you that one was 8 years old. Took it to my dealer in Brighton who changed the power switch on the spot. Mind you if anything you have a warrantee issue.
It’s not happened with my DR variant so let’s hope it doesn’t as much as I like seeing my dealer! He’s a good man - even has a Statement system and one of the last pairs of S800s. Lucky man!

Ok, I think it’s not a question of time out mode.
Now It stops then comes back “on” by itself a few minutes after, then stops again later on.
I think I heard a click when it got off last time.

Are you really, really sure the PowerLine is inserted properly? Have you got a standard lead you can try?


I was just thinking about something like that, my wall socket or something…

Actually, the powerline is blocked into the 300, can’t unplug it …:thinking:
The pb might be here…

Try prising it out using a wooden spatula so you don’t damage the casework. It should come out. Then try a standard lead.


Hi Athos,

Did you retain your original 300PS and just upgrade the head unit to 300DR?