New amps tomorrow’!

Thought I’d share that my new amps are being installed in the morning- one more sleep, tbh might not be able to sleep, it’s like Xmas… anyway I have dismantled my system to make spaces for the new amps (252 &300! Omg!) and thought I’d try adding the freed up nap200 to power for my Uniti 2 I have in my back room- so listening to Tidal via Ethernet cable to Uniti 2 & nap 200 driving Proac d15’s - well I am astounded! Can’t stop smiling! What a difference- and I find it hard to remember sound qualities to compare bits of kit but my back room system seems to sound way better than the original separates (202 with napsc & hicap-sr/200/cdx2/nds & xps-dr), total value of the back room kit £2500!! The new amps are going to have to be mighty special!


And they are! Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


A superb choice of amps with the 252 and 300. Very nice! It will take a while for them to burn in so don’t be surprised if they take a month or so to come on song. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing what you think of them.


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