New Android App. 6.1.0 (6400) - Released

Whilst most of you here seem wealthy enough to run the IOS version of the Naim app. some of us, well, just me it seems, are running the Android version.

For anyone interested, I updated the apps. on my Android phone today & up popped the latest release version of the app. as per the details in the subject.

I can’t find any details of the release under any of the forum headings & don’t understand why Naim are not publicizing its’ launch when they are continuing to develop it & the people behind it are, presumably, not working for free. Lack of notification appears to be tied in with the huge drop in activity/information on the Beta forum since just before Christmas.

Obviously Naim have every right to run the Beta program as they wish but a lot of us have participated in it & have enjoyed doing so. It would therefore be nice if if they would communicate their future intentions re. the Beta program/forum to those who have tried to help in the past & to also communicate things like new app. releases to all forum members so they can benefit from them as soon as possible & the developers can feel their efforts are worthwhile.

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Well, one of the good things is that in the Android, when browsing via Server to a Uniti Core, Artists section and then opening an artist folder, the list of albums appears … well … faster than it used to. It’s not instantaneous like from an iOS device … but at least it improved from multiple minutes to ten - twenty seconds … Thanks Naim!

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Thanks Naim team!

Indeed it is quicker all round on my Samsung S21. Many thanks, I will no longer need to grab a cup of team before seeing my multitude of Jimmy Buffet albums :grinning:

I may have been a little premature with my congratulations.

Playback of an album from the Artist listing appears to be broken (Samsung S21 Ultra, Core and Atom).

No tracks are displayed, you can’t just tap the PLAY button, the TICK does not work but selecting “…” will bring up the context menu. If PLAY ALBUM is selected from there, I’m booted back to device selection, which for me is Naim 272, Atom and Core.

In fact I’ve just got an Android error message, “Focal & Naim keeps stopping”, which gives me the option to close the app.

I can play anything as usual on my old iPad Air.

Phone (Samsung S21 Ultra), Core and Atom have been restarted to no effect. I hope this helps someone resolve the issue. Hopefully I can go back to the previous version of the app.

Sorry more findings…

Deleted and re-installing the Naim app has introduced a different access selection screen once you select Core. Ah, it’s fixed I thought!

But unfort no. Selecting CD Collection/Artists/Agnes Obel I am greeted with the album Aventine. Selecting that I do get a track listing and can select any track for playback (progress!) but the ever present album menu, PLAY, TICK, etc…is not present (which I think it should be?).


As an Android user I rarely use the Naim app, Bubble UPnP is my tool of choice along with Linn Kazoo on my Windows computers. I really only use the Naim app for internet radio and that’s infrequent.
That said, I just fired up the Naim app to see what the new version is like and I really don’t like the big warning triangle at the top telling me bluetooth is switched off. Yes, I know it is switched off, that’s intentional and I’ll switch it on when something needs it.

Hi All,

New on the forum and hopefully someone out there who can assist.
I’ve been using the Focal/Naim app on both my Android devices (Phone Samsung A33, Android 13) and Samsung Tablet (rather old) without problems for over 1,5 year…until last Friday with the new release.
It looks like the cache of both devices is no longer used.

If I completely close the app and reopen it, it has to download all the cover art again. That’s quite annoying since it takes a long time. I checked settings, re-installed the app, but the issue remains.

Any ideas or do I have to wait for the next udpate :frowning_face:

I think it gets a bit mixed up if you dont delete the app and then re-install it. Give that a try.

Thanks Jay, but I did completely delete the app.


Hi Guys I seem to be having issues with the 6.1.0 Naim App on Android.
Before up-grading the app a couple of weeks ago it was working fine on my Android OPPO R17.
Now when I try to open an album on my UPnP server (minimserver) it crashes on my NDX and UNITI . In crashing I mean the app drops back to the My Devices Screen. However the ND5XS2 works fine?? On the NDX and UNITI, I can manually select the album and play tracks using the remote and front screen.
Is there a way to roll back to the previous version of NAIM App? Or should I try a complete re install?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

OK. Further to this. It seems to be working FINE now for the NDX and UNITI after resetting the NAIM App.
Crisis avoided.

Using my Pixel 7 Pro to control the Naim Unit Core. It has been working fine for months. But now it’s a total mess, nothing works properly.
Focal Naim has to do something with their Android app!

It is all very well having a rant but unless you say what isn’t working and give examples that can be replicated it is ultimately a bit pointless. Give the developers something to go on.

Any idea what android version is required for the app?

It tells you on the Play Store

Had been using laptop to view details on Focal Naim app , but this page/full info was not available to me. Probably on Naim Site, but I did have a casual look. Not sure now if my OLD android device picked up the app in the play store as it is out of date - (not supported on this android device) . Anyway thanks for info/reply. Currently looking to purchase cheap android tablet mainly for Naim app use.

It would be better to purchase a cheap iPad because the Naim app for iPad is always a step or two ahead of Android in terms of functionality and reliability.

The information is also available on the app webpage on a laptop

As previously said, I fixed the Artist/Track issue (for me) by deleting the app and re-installing from the Play Store.