New App release - Apple & Android - Aug 2020 - earlier users?

Richard.Dane wrote on 11th August 2020 “If you have a latest-generation Naim music-streaming product, you’re about to receive some software updates”

What about Mu-So 1st Gen and other earlier streaming users?
Have they paid big bucks and now been kicked into the long grass?

The UK App Store for Apple is still only showing version 5.16 from 4 months ago for me. I know that doesn’t help with your query but thought I’d put it out there.

It will take a little while to update across apple and google app stores, and different regions will update before others.

Good to know. Thanks Robert.

The update is in the App Store for iOS users in the UK. So who’s going first? :thinking:

Loaded looks good the option to sort favourites in Qobuz is very helpful.

Installed on iPad. Have a 1st gen Mu-so.

The new favourites icon has pushed the digital icon, which I use, onto a second page. Can’t see any way to reorder the icons, as on a iPhone, so not an improvement for me.

How please?

When you look at favourite albums for instance you have the two icons on the right hand side on the left of these you can see an a-z option press this and a list of the various options will be displayed.

Trust this helps.

I’m told there will be an option to hide the icons in the next update.

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Is it correct that the updated apps work with all devices not just the latest generations?
The Naim announcement states “users of the latest generation music-streaming products” as per frenchrooster’s post above.

UPDATE: I should have added does it provide the full functionality but it appears it does not.

Richard, will that be any icon or just the favourite?

Seems that 1st gen products get a Favourites, but just a shortcut to presets.

I assume favourites.

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With all the previous revisions of iOS app, and used with 1st generation streamers, all the inputs (icons) have always been user selected disabled or enabled.
With the new 5.17 app, the favourites feature is fixed, in beta testing some didn’t like it & asked for it too to be a user selected option. As Richard said, we hope to get that feature enabled in the next release.

It works but doesn’t add anything. The favourites icon just links to what you see on your home screen anyway.


Do you mean icons like Spotify and USB can be removed from view? I can’t see a way to do that.

My thoughts as well, but maybe more under the hood too?

I think if there were any improvements for first gen users Naim would have told us.