New Asset UPnP update

A new version of Asset UPnP version 7 is available. Initial tests seem to be OK.

Ahh I didn’t realise its been released.
I’ve been beta testing it for a few weeks & it works just fine.
Its in a new licence configuration & peeps might want to go to the Illustrate forum to read the details
Its now combined for all applications to include Windows, Vista is oldest version thats supported (no more XP) The full lineup is now is Windows, QNAP, Synology, OS X, Debian Linux & Raspberry Pi

I’ve just updated. Other than not carrying over my browse tree and doing a full rescan it’s now working.

One thing - it doesn’t seem to be automatically picking up new albums, which is a problem I’ve encountered before. Does anyone fancy adding an album and checking, before I log it on the Asset forum? Cheers.

Why not delete an album, then re add it. That should be a good test.

Edit: you likely have done this, I’ll try in a bit once I get it installed.

Auto detect was talked about in the beta test, but it did work for me with the beta(s).
If you want to test it, remove an album (copy & keep) then test again when you reinstall it

Certainly it missed one. I’ll try another later.

Asset 7.0 running on Rpi 4, added a new album and Asset picked it up right away.

On further investigation it does seem to be picking up changes to the database promptly. But, goodness me, it’s been a right pain fixing the browse tree, which was really messed up by the update. All good now though.

Yes, it was a shame this update messed up the browse tree, I’ve done a lot of updates with all the beta testing since Asset has a Synology version, none had changed the browse tree until the first beta R7. Lucky I keep a screenshot of my tree so I just copy the picture & quickly back to normal.

It’s possible to backup the browse tree to a text file and it’s just a matter of pasting it back in. Although I’ve updated mine to V7 I’ve left it as is for now as I use Roon.

I’m sure it is, if you know how to do that, which I don’t.

I was able to find my browse tree but I have no idea if it’s hankered or not.

I’ll post guide on how to do it after. Just listening to the Folk Show on R2 catch-up.

An easy way to backup you Browse Tree is to access it in text format and copy it to a notepad file and saving it.

Go to the Asset config web page -> Advanced -> [Edit Browse Tree as plain text]
In the “Raw Browse Tree” text box use Ctrl-A to select all the text, Ctrl-C to copy it, then select your Notepad file and Ctrl-V to paste it into your Notepad file; save this file in a safe place.
Do the reverse to restore it .


I’ve just restored my Browse Tree back to my preferred layout which is a very much trimmed down version.


Yes, testing for R7 release on RPi.
Despite using Roon with the SonoreUPnP Bridge, I still keep Asset as my backup and default UPnP server in the Naim App.

I do exactly the same :smiley:

That’s great, thanks.

I have mine saved to Notepad & also as a screenshot
I’ve just experimented copy/past to a Word.doc & that works just the same as Notepad.

Sorry if this is a really dippy question… when you want to paste your copy back into the new version of Asset, I imagine you have to open the browse tree in the plain text view, delete it and then paste your saved version. Please would you confirm if that’s right? I wouldn’t want to end up with no tree at all…

Yes that’ll work, or just hightlight the plan text section & paste to overwrite should work OK.

This is very robust & simple, the way I just did it with a word.doc copy/paste as an experiment

I copied the edit plain text box (highlight & copy) paste & save to Word.doc.
In the Asset plain text view, (Because I was just testing & nothing had changed) I highlighted then deleted the Dynamic Browsing section, exited, checked Dynamic had gone missing, then reopened edit plain text, copied the text from the Word.doc, that overwrote the existing text & infilled the missing Dynamic browsing section & exited. Checked Dynamic was back & all functioning, so it does seem to work OK.
But whatever if it does go wrong, you should have kept the new Asset-synology-registered (R7 download file), so you can reinstall that & start over