New Atom HE user, some white noise issues

I can easily imagine using the sound effect precisely to highlight the very artificiality of it, that would be a perfectly fine use. There are few things that are always wrong in art

No noticeable noise whatsoever in that case. As soon as I pause a recording, all noise is gone.

If you hear the same as I do with your system then case closed!
I’ll assume that not all recordings are noise free, a fact that was difficult to wrap my head around specially in recent recordings.

Thanks all for your help and taking the time to answer.

I’m a happier person now! Buyer’s remorse is over. Just will need to learn to ignore the noise when I hear it.


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I think you have your answer…

An answer in 24 posts, take that, ethernet cable thread :joy:

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Yeah so I was thinking about upgrading mains cables, what’s the community take on that?

Just joking.

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