New babies tomorrow

The SN2 and NDX2 are being installed tomorrow and I’m like the boy on the night before Christmas :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Super combination Mike.

That should make a very enjoyable, no need to eff about upgrading, system. Enjoy :sunglasses:

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Great combo Mike, that should see you sorted for quite some time. Enjoy!

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looking forward to your feedback versus the Nova, I believe the SN2 needs a fairly long run-in period though so it may not sound the best out of the box - but that’s just what I’ve read and I’m sure other owners will fill you in. Enjoy!


Now, that will make me laugh my socks off if 19 months later you post that you actually preferred the Nova. :clown_face:

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Me too :flushed:. Happily, the Nova is staying and moves today to my office/media room. I now work from home again, so the Nova will be my office buddy and head up a pretty sweet movie system too.

Mike, hope you will be able to tear yourself away from the music to let us know how the new system performs.

It should be a belter!

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Newly working from home AND a new system. Sounds like trouble to me Mike :+1:enjoy

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For all of us crazies there is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of getting new Hifi gear. Deciding what to play first is a challenge for some. I always play Babylon Sisters by Steely Dan
Good luck with your new Naim boxes Mike

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I added a NDX2 last Christmas time in front of a 272 with a HiLine and into a 250DR. It took nearly 2 months to come on song and it was worth the wait. I now have this eeirie holographic huge sound stage which is also from behind the speakers with all instruments spaced out. I have done A/B comparisons with just the 272 from the Core and as good as the 272 is the NDX2 is way ahead and well worth the £5K. I keep thinking what would a PS to the NDX2 do as well.


Oh mumma!


Congrats! Looks great :+1:t2:

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System looks great and what a lovely room.

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Thank you, this is looking towards the dining/kitchen area, it’s all open plan.


I’m very envious of the view.


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Looks fab Mike, first impressions?

Looks great.

NDX2 is revealing enormous detail, with clarity and space around the sounds.

SN2 has much tighter and lower bass and more open I think you would say, though can sense it has a lot more to give after a while.

(moved up from a Nova, which is now delivery great service in the office /media room where I just had great fun with my daughter watching Paddington 2!).

Going to try it now with the HD800’s and a Friday night beer.

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Looks excellent Mike , the perfect 2 box solution ! Enjoy the music and beer . Great view !!

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Well, the HD800’s reveal how good they are! Again more detail first up, but the big difference is the totally silent background. There is zero background noise, sounds arise from silence.