New Beatle Track

Not sure how I feel about this, is Paul trying to rewrite history or a genuine attempt to keep them relevant.

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Yeah agree Pete

As they say let sleeping dogs lie

Not comfortable at all

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It’s just releasing an archive recording. What’s the problem?

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Based on George Harrison’s assessment quoted in The Times this morning, I’m not holding out much hope…

No they’ve using AI to generate John’s vocals. Think it way more than just an archival recording.

They released a song about 20 years ago, using AI to regenerate John Lennon’s ‘lost’ voice - was it called ‘Free As A Bird’? It was rather lovely, I thought.

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Not so. The ‘AI’ is used to extract vocals from an existing demo recording.

If AI wasn’t such a ‘thing’ at the moment I doubt it would even be part of the story - I guess the media just want something to write about.


The Beatles split in 1969, end of, move on.
I can accept remastering to improve the recording quality & the listening experience.
But this AI seems a bit … not sure … creapy, synical money making, whatever I will not be adding it to my genuine Beatles collection.


Same here Mike

I wonder where the royalties are going - hopefully to charities

As you say a bit weird and creepy

Not so. The voice of John Lennon was extracted from the old tape AND digitally remastered. This brings us to a new world of fake releases (exemple is a song of Drake The Weeknd by a tiktokker end of april of this year).

Whereas I thought it a plodding turgid mess which I have tried to forget as it do obviously sullied the legacy.

Absolutely understand the impulse to polish a turd using AI but can’t help feeling that there would have been more interest in taking old Beatles songs of some repute and seeing what AI did with either the demo or when adding a chorus to a verse etc.

If you’re going to conflate ‘remaster’ and ‘fake’… :roll_eyes:

As I understand it, it’s not AI making up a pseudo vocal that sounds like John Lennon. It’s a technology that given the parameters, it is able to extract a vocal from a recorded song.

The idea to use AI to reconstruct the demo came from Peter Jackson’s eight-hour epic, Get Back. For the documentary, dialogue editor Emile de la Rey used custom-made AI to recognise the Beatles’ voices and separate them from background noise.

“[Jackson] was able to extricate John’s voice from a ropey little bit of cassette,” McCartney said. “We had John’s voice and a piano and he could separate them with AI. They tell the machine: ‘That’s the voice. This is a guitar. Lose the guitar.’

End quote.

That’s the problem with mentioning AI, now everyone assumes it’s in reference to writing and recording songs for example in the style of x or y.


How heartless!
How can we?



Sophisticated software would have been a better term than AI. But AI gives a better headline.

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As a big Beatles fan I’m very intrigued. I loved ‘Real Love’ which came out as part of the Anthology project and applaud Paul for giving Beatles fans something new to listen to.



Doubt that, the Netherlands or Panama most likely.

What a very sad sentiment! The Beatles were giants of popular music, popular culture even! I can’t think of anyone to match them, or even a single duff song that they recorded - oh well, maybe with the exception of ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’!

I hope that your own musical output will stand up to comparison with theirs!

Or do you prefer to stand on the sidelines and throw stones?

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I’m sure that ‘Free As A Bird’ was produced using similar techniques. I read that George Martin (or whoever) said to the other three Beatles “John has laid down the lead vocal and has been called away, now let’s finish the song for him”.

I think that the resulting release was magnificent, and I’d far rather have it as a (virtually) fully finished recording, than lying unused and unheard in a tape vault in EMI (or wherever).

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Did say I was unsure I certainly didn’t say I won’t listen to it but my concerns are about AI and rewriting history. I love the Beatles they were my first (musical) love and played at regular intervals at my place. However like all good artists there’s sketches and unfinished work that should never be seen. Ever been to the top floor of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam if you have you’ll understand where I’m coming.