New Beatle Track

My only issue is to whether these three “post JL death Beatles” songs** should actually be “Beatles” songs or were they written “post Beatles” and should therefore be JL songs in his own right?

**Having just acquired the three Anthology series, I have the first two

Exactly these aren’t actually Beatles song it’s a John Lennon song.

I’m not sure that it matters. Either you want to hear these songs which you wouldn’t get the chance to hear otherwise, or you don’t.

Not a hard one!

I have just listened to ‘Free As A Bird’, and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. There is an accompanying video, full of clever allusions to any number of Beatles songs, which I don’t remember seeing before. And I can’t work out who would have been playing the very prominent guitar part - which couldn’t have been George, surely.

I don’t really mind if it’s a Beatles song or not, but it’s a bl**dy good song!

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Lots of Beatles songs were John Lennon songs, most of the others were Paul McCartney songs. That is surely no surprise? George Harrison wrote a few, more as The Beatles developed. And John or Paul would toss the odd song to Ringo on most of the albums - most of which are pretty bad (in my opinion, of course!).

I believe that even the author of the magnificent Revolution In The Head called it a “dirge”. Off the recipe he called it worse.

Hi Graham, maybe some background might help you with my post.
I am a real Beatles fan, I’ve seen them live a number of times, starting from when they were a support band for a Roy Orbison tour, the NME concerts & RAH.
I have all their albums, plus the odds & sods & film releases.
These days I only have streaming but I can’t bring myself to part with the vinyl.
I upgrade each album as & when a remaster is released getting the highest available sample/bit rates, so in that regard I am still ‘collecting’ Beatles albums.
My problem is the Beatles finished in 1969, they no longer exist. I have no problem with releasing already recorded material such as the Anthology albums, what I can’t get my head around is a new release using AI or whatever to artificially generate John’s voice on a recording that was never made by the Beatles.
Its my own personal view point, I suspect many others will agree.
I will ignore the stone thowing remark.

To help with the discussion I would like to add a recent comment on the upcoming release from Sean Lennon, as many people seem to be confusing AI methods with the MAL software actually used

“I think people are deeply misunderstand this story.
The AI did nothing but clean the noise off of my dad’s vocal track. That’s all. Nothing else.
The song was a demo dad had recorded and the other Beatles finished it off. Exactly like free as a bird only the original vocal was a bit dirtier on this one so they cleaned up the noise with AI.
There’s nothing fake about it. It is a new recording made by all four Beatles. My dad’s voice is exactly as he recorded it minus the noise”.

My take on the situation is that I am ok with the project as long as most of the work added to the original take is from the '95 “Threetles” sessions. Anyway, it will be fun to hear, and I wonder what upcoming release the song will be a part of?


:rofl::rofl:. That would be a great question to ask ChatGPT: “in 500 words, how do you polish a turd, and what are the benefits?”

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And for bonus points, when you’ve polished that turd, do you want to see your face reflected in it?

As for the new track, I’ll certainly listen. If it’s good, it’s good. It’s a fascinating debate on this topic. I watched Peter Cushing in the last Star Wars film I went to see, except it wasn’t him of course. It was still good to seem him on screen in a new film 25 years after his death.

All of this forces us to re-examine what ‘real’ means. There’s no definitive truth to a lot of things these days, facts are reinterpreted and history changes so I suppose music will too.

I think I need to go and watch the Matrix. I still haven’t done that.

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It’s the Beatles, so whatever it’s like, I know that I will have to buy it.

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Rather better than ‘Free As A Bird’ (which was definitely George’s slide guitar) was ‘Real Love’ released on or around Valentine’s Day 1996. This felt more coherent and was a more complete (and very touching) song, a great performance from an unpromising cassette.

Sorry, Mike, I was being grumpy. I apologise!

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