New book on hi-fi

Phaidon Press, the renowned art book publisher, has a new tome coming out in the Autumn that forumites may be interested in.

Hi-Fi: The History of High-End Audio Design, will, in the words of the publicity blurb, “be a comprehensive historical survey, starting at the dawn of high-end audio design in the 1950s. The story takes us up to the present with the current explosion of analogue audio equipment in response to the resurgence of vinyl culture, and the recent emergence of extreme high-end audio equipment for dedicated audiophiles.”

I know many people on here are interested in the subject so I thought I’d give you a heads up.

[Disclaimer and self-plug - they may be using some of my photos in the book! :sunglasses:]


Gee, it might be something to consider, but my 1957 (3rd edition) of high fidelity - simplified already shows plans on how to build an electro-voice Aristocrat speaker enclosure. So I’m wondering if newer info is really needed. (L) just kidding, but this book is a fun read, and the equipment and entire rooms dedicated to hi- fi are great to look at. The technical measurements are a bit off, by modern standards.

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