New boxes incoming

Times nearly up 272, but it’s been an absolute pleasure.

My (very nearly) new 252 arrived yesterday along with a Supercap to tide me over until a DR becomes available.

Order went in today for an NDX2, awaiting delivery from Naim. Was very very slightly tempted by an ND555 but I don’t want any more reasons to upgrade other boxes, I want harmony and stability!

If the new boxes give me as much pleasure as the 272 has then I’ll be over the moon. This is my end game on the boxes, well I might just DR the 300 I guess…


Always a little wiggle room for an XPS DR on the NDX 2 of course!

Enjoy the incoming changes…


I do have a PS555DR on the 272 now so that’ll be getting acquainted with an NDX2 very shortly.

But no more wriggle room please :laughing:

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Ahh you’re all set in that case!

Photos once you’re settled always appreciated.

I used a NDX2/555ps in my 252/Suprcapdr and 300dr system for a month or so when my ND555 was away for repair believe be you are in for a real treat the NDX2/555ps is a superb combination enjoy.


Will do :+1:

Always dreamt of a Naim hi-fi in my younger years, but it was always out of reach.

Isn’t it so often the case that dreams fall short when they become reality? Not in this case, I continue to be blown away by my Naim system.


As someone who has a NDX2/XPSDR + 252/SCDR/300DR I have to say that is a very happy combination, and my end game for sure.


I already said my congrats in the other thread but it cannot be wrong to repeat yet another time that my similar system is worth every penny and has been surprising me every day for 6 months now. Please do report how happy you will be, it is good for all of us in these times :slight_smile:


Thank you all. I’m just waiting on a cable to arrive so I can rig my 252/SC up (a torturous wait) and the NDX2 will be a few weeks at least from what I’m told, but I’ll be sure to report back.

I like to think the 555DR+NDX2/252+SCDR/300 is a ‘perfectly’ balanced system. OK the 300 needs to be DR’d… but that’s it then right? :smiley:

Everything working to its full potential and no bottlenecks…

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My thoughts too, it’s a well defined place to be, the top edge of Classic all the way. (And I don’t think going all 500 will happen and I don’t have urges either). Tomorrow I will pick up the Superline and then my head will be free to start dreaming of speakers. I suppose you won’t get around that either :slight_smile:

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Yeah speakers are my next port of call. Currently ATC SCM11 which sound amazing but the rest of the system has moved on…

500? Definitely out of reach for me right now, but it’s always nice to know there’s room for growth if and when the opportunity comes…

Enjoy the Superline :sunglasses:

I had looked up the speakers in your profile :slight_smile: I am in a similar place, I love the speakers and they grew very well with the system, but the new boxes are in an entirely different place. Speakers is such a complex topic and I know it won’t be cheap whatever I do, so it’s so satisfying to have everything else sorted. (I won’t reject a suitable 552 either if it comes my way but I have all the time in the world).

So excited about the Superline and curious how it compares to the Aria with a Rega deck and cartridge.

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five-five-two… some things are best left unsaid… :grimacing:

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Oh boy, that 252 is a bit special isn’t it :grimacing:

The 272 took the sound down to it’s underwear

This thing lays it absolutely bare


Glad you are enjoying it just wait till the NDX2 turns up to the party.

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Since reading the post earlier, I have been wondering whether @Stu299 likes it or not

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I’ve just added a pre-loved 252/SC DR into my set up and are using my SN2 in power amp mode. The effect of the better pre-amp is really quite significant, so I’m well pleased. I’m using a NDX2 with the XPS DR and will be adding the 250, which will be a good match for my speakers and listening room. All in all, a nicely balanced classic range of boxes.


Hi @pcd quite off-topic, but I’d be interested in your thoughts comparing the NDX2 to the ND555 in your setup. Is their a thread where you shared those experiences? I have a similar set-up and very interested

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Likewise would be interested to know how much of an improvement the ND555 is over the NDX2 in this set up.