New broadband contract severs Roon connection

Since switching to full fibre broadband my Uniti Core and Squeezebox Transporter have disappeared from Roon.They are connected by ethernet to the new router.My wifi connected Roon endpoints are working normally.Does anyone know how to enable Roon to see the ethernet connected devices ?
Many thanks.

I assume you got a new WiFi router or at least restarted the old one?

I’ve had it that my router assigns a new IP address to the devices while my Roon Core keeps trying to find them at the old.

Have you restarted your Roon Core or tried to remove and re-add the devices?

Yes, maybe just an IP address issue. Try turning off everything, then start the router. Once it’s fully up, start rach other device one at a time and it might solve the problem.

Hi have you gone into roon >settings>audio.

They ma have reappeared as different end points because the IP changed

My other thought is, did you assign IPs to your naims, if so set them back to DHCP and restart them

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Thanks for your suggestions.I’ll give these ideas a go.

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Turns out it had nothing to do with the new router.Just an unlucky coincidence.The problem was a NetGear ethernet switch now replaced.
The Squeezebox Transporter is dead however so I need to join the queue for an ND5 2XS.

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