New Cartridge for LP12/Ittok into Naim NAC82 with N Boards

I currently have a Dynavector 10X4, in my Linn LP12/Ittok, which is getting rather old (c.20 years…). This is connected to Naim 522 N boards in my NAC82.

The obvious ‘no brainer’ solution is to replace it with a Dynavector 10X5 - currently these are I think £549 new, or £439 with a trade-in.

Question to the Forum Team…

What other cartridges would you suggest I might consider, at around this price point…? Say no more than £750, all in…?

Eye Thank Yew… :slightly_smiling_face:

2M Black seems to get good reviews

You mean the Ortofon 2N Black, which is a MM cartridge and seems to be available at around £520…?

Hanna Ml
Lyra Delos ( but a bit more)
Ortophon quintet

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With a budget of £750 you can get into the 20X2H which comes in at £749. Another option is one of the HANA carts, say the SL which are cheaper than rival brands but apparently punch well above their weight. Might be worth speaking with a dealer who handles Linn, NAIM and multiple cartridge brands. Peter Swain at Cymbiosis is a good man to approach and highly respected in the industry.


This is my homework or research, before engaging with my local, well respected Naim and Linn dealer, who might be near Leicester… :smirk:

Believe that they stock Linn, Lyra , DV & AT. Both Linn & Lyra are out of my budget, I think… :thinking:

Aha, I’m sure he’ll give you very good advice and it it’s who I think it is, your budget may well go out the window as you might emerge with more than just a new cartridge!


Ian I am a big fan of DV cartridges, to me they really deliver at there price points - owned 10 x5 20x 2 and now XX2 - speak to @Cymbiosis for best advice, he has a 10x 5 ex demo on website well within your budget

Err, no. Definitely not. I am firmly in the cheap seats. I buy at the very bottom end of … ??'s range.

Me too - I have owned almost every 10X variant known. Yes, am aware of the ex-dem 10X.

Moving away from a 10X or from Dynavector, would be a leap into the unknown for me.

It’s complicated by my also wanting to add either a Linn Lingo - or a Naim Armageddon - to my ‘vintage’ Valhalla LP12, at the same time. Thats where the budget has to go… :upside_down_face:

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Ah, all sorts of options here to consider and I imagine (as it sounds like we share the same dealer,) the advice will be to spend the budget on the bearing, PSU and Chassis in that order and leave the cartridge to last. Well, that’s what I was advised and I’ve no complaints.

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Yes… I know… the Bearing and Chassis were changed, , not long ago, to Cirkus standard (but pre the existence of Karousel). Planning to add a Lingo or Armageddon… Subject to finding one at not-silly-price…

But, its the Cart thats 20 years old… so…


I use a 10x5 with 523 MC “S” boards in my 82. It’s streets ahead of the 522 (MM) phono boards that are muddy and boomy in comparison.

The greatest surprise in my upgrades was the Karousel*** magical for Linn :heart_eyes_cat:


Personally I think I’d go with the Dynavector 10x5 if you can get a trade-in.

I heard one last year after auditioning higher end Linn/Dynavector/AT MC cartridges, and frankly thought it was phenomenally good for the money.

If you can strech, the DV20X2 must be an option.


Also if your existing cartridge is 20 years old and has seen good use it must be past its prime so think of your LPs, Lingos etc can wait.


Thanks, @Alley_Cat - those are pretty much my thoughts.

AFAIK, I would get a trade in vs my 10X4 - so saving a bit… :slightly_smiling_face:

My idea is to buy a Lingo or Armageddon, then have that fitted to my LP12 - and swap the Cart out at the same time. Thats the idea…

Yes, a 20X might get considered, too.

I actually went planning to compare a DV-XX2 vs Linn Krystal, but also auditioned an £800 AT cartridge.

I went for the Linn Krystal in the end, not sure it was the correct decision due to different presentation, but at some point in the demo I heard the 10x5 and just thought it was very musical and probably got my foot tapping more than the more expensive cartridges though not sure the ‘host’ agreed.

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The late Frank Abela was a fan of the Goldring 2400 and I am too. It has the modern MM sound. Nothing woolly. Likewise the Linn Adikt. Both would bring speed to your LP12 imo, if that is what you would like.

Both within budget.

I have been using various 10X versions, since 1979. I ‘diverted’ to Linn carts from 1983 to 2001 (Asak then Asaka), then returned to a newer 10X - which is my current cart.

A further problem is that my system is mostly Olive - and my Kudos speakers are not current. So a meaningfully dem, is likely tricky.

All of which suggests… another 10X… :smirk:

But - thank you all, for the alternative suggestions.

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