New CD player

Thinking of picking up a second hand CD player. Any recommendations? It will be going into a 272 . I mostly stream/vinyl, but fancy a bit of nostalgia without spending a fortune!

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Project has a good CD transport for moderate price so you could use the DAC of your streamer.

Alternatively you could buy a used core to ripp your CDs.


Going to say the same, I think Cambridge Audio and Audiolab both compete at around the same price point and further up the audio chain Cyrus make a couple.

Given the quality of DAC in the 272 I would prefer a transport over a second hand or budget player


Anyone know which DAC is used in the 272? I can’t see it listed on the Naim site.

It’s a PCM1792A.


Second hand CD players go from $100 to $50k.

If I was you, I’d buy a cd transport to connect into the 272…


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Nothing beats a Philips cd-100 for nostalgia!

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Thanks. Same as the NDX2. Although I guess we shouldn’t infer too much from that as the implementation is likely different.

Though harder to find, models that have digital outputs are a better investment, because you can use them with an external DAC.

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he said won’t be spending a fortune

Thanks all - sounds like a decent transport is the way to go!

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Audiolab 6000cdt transport has received good reviews, and at around £380 (the price of a Naim brochure!!) well worth a punt. It will sell for little loss on ebay if you dont like it.


I am very satisfied with my 6000CDT (into Nova).

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Rega Apollo cd players are fantastic for the money. I bought mine used for £150!

Look for a nice used Esoteric.

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