New CD5SI or Used CD5XS

Hi All

I’m new here and indeed to NAIM separates (upgrading from Muso). I have just bought a NAIT 2 XS (ex demo) and a FlatCap XS (2nd hand) and now looking at the sources.
I’m clear on my streamer (will buy a new ND5 XS 2) but can’t decide on the CD player could I ask for advice please on what is likely to sound better out of a new CD5SI or a used CD5 or CD5XS which I can connect to the Flatcap? I’m guessing the older player with the external PSU will but there are so few around they are pretty pricey and price comparable to a new CD5SI.


How much will you use your CD player once you get your streamer? The CD5XS is a fine player and the natural partner to your Nait XS and offers lots of upgrade opportunities. I have one — my first Naim box — and it hardly gets used now I’m fully into streaming. You might consider leaving out a CD player and investing the savings elsewhere in your system.


I’m familiar with all three players that you mention. I’ve heard a CD5si at my dealer, and my second ever Naim purchase was a CD5 about fifteen years ago.

I own a CD5XS which I run in my complete XS set and am thrilled with it. It’s a very fine player. Mine was ‘used’ from a Naim dealer with warranty etc.

So if you are looking for a CD player for your Nait XS2 and FCXS, I think I have said enough.

Absolutely this. When I got my ND5 XS2 the CD5si was retired. I see no need for two Naim digital sources so the CDs got ripped to a NAS and I’ve never looked back. No CD player hooked up to the system means no CDs cluttering the listening room and my entire collection easily accessible in seconds from an app on my phone.

Thanks for the responses, in reality I won’t use it that much as I tend to mainly listen to streaming and Vinyl (Rega Planar 3 going through Arcam RPhono but will prob switch to NAIM Phono stage at some point). I just wanted a fully specced system i think from what I’m hearing I’ll pass on the CD5SI and perhaps keep an eye out for a bargain CD5 XS that I may never find but if I do it’ll be the right product at the right price.


It really does sound like you don’t need a CD player at all. I’ve not missed mine, having got rid of it about eight years ago. Just buy downloads or rip CDs on your computer. Both are very easy. With the money saved you could get a Rega 6 or 8. Either would make a lovely setup with your amp and the ND5XS2.

CD5XS of course, X series of Naim is very special


Another option for you, get a cd transport (or any CD player) with digital out and run it through the nd5xs2 streamer. You’d get all the Naim dac goodness from eg a brand new rotel cd11 for under £400.

If I wanted to play a cd (I haven’t in a very long time) I have an old “built like a tank” Sony that I could hook up through the back of the streamer.

CD5X/XS with Flatcap is a very very good player, I’d be surprised if streaming is equal.

CD5i/Si are entry levels and there’s simply better out there, IME also for a Naim setup.

Thanks I hadn’t thought of that will give it some thought

Read the threads here on repair opportunities before you decide…

You don’t need a cd player. At all. Rip your cd’s and backup the data and you’ll be set for many many years.

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