New Classic - 3 Box System

I suspect that there are quite a few forumites are interested in a 3 box system due to space cost etc. Now that we have more “New classic” boxes to select from any thoughts on which 3 box system is best. Aware that most (nearly all of us) have not heard the later iteration 300 series boxes but we do like to discuss options. For starters I see:

NSC222 (£5700)
NAP250 (£5700)
NPX300 (£5700) Total = £17100


NSS333 (£7900)
NAC332 (£7900)
NAP250 (£5700) Total = £21500

Second option is more expensive, but in Naim world pricing not too far apart?

Thoughts or other options.


Mine would be:
NAC 332 (+ NVC TT)
NAP 350

So 3 boxes plus phono pre :wink:

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Some might say that is 3 1/2 (3.5) boxes, which is more than three. :wink: :wink:


What about:
NSC222 + NAP350 (2 boxes) = 21000 Euro

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Hi @n-lot, Yes that would work.

My thinking behind the post was to see if there was any consensus within the forum as to which 3 box system provided a good/better value for money versus (expected?) sound quality system based on what is known so far.

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It’s going to be interesting to compare SQ of the two options.


Interested to compare.
If option two is not better bit of an own goal from Naim but given £4.4k premium it certainly should be.
Whilst I’m not in the market for more Naim gear the 222/300/250 is not making me want to look at alternatives - long may it last.
I’d go Chord and Holo if I was to move on.
Edit: amended option to read as intended.

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Agree that the more expensive option should be better but I was wondering what, if any, impact there is on the system between using an external power supply on the NSC222 versus the bare NSS333/NAC332.

I also am not in the market for new boxes having just moved to new classic and liking it a lot, but who knows in the future when second hand/Ex demo boxes become available.

This really is a pointless thread since no-one has any idea of the answers at all yet!


Naim’s philosophy is quality of power is fundamental.
The 300 neatly achieves this with 222.
The other options have more space for components to be isolated and will be better as a result but will always be compromised on power unless you use 300 which clearly adds boxes.
It’s a finger in the air at the moment but know where you’re coming from.
Enjoy the lowly 200 in the meantime :grin:.

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It’s fairly sensible to some :joy: but give it time!

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But which would sound better, bearing in mind there is a NPX 300 in the first system?

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Agree the answers may not be fully known today. But boxes are out, albeit very limited. Demos will be done and people will listen and draw conclusions. This can act a point to collect some of those conclusions.

It’s like that random guessing game, The Masked Singer, where the more obscure the answer, the better.

What can be said for sure today: it will also depend on your mid- or long-term aspiration/budget, target system, and personality whether you like to “stick” or “move” or “do upgrades”.
With the 300-series NSS/NAC, you can still add 2 NPX300 without the need to exchange any boxes. (Though leaving the “3 boxes” constraint.)
Upgrading from the NSC222 you will have to replace it (at least partly); but you can keep the NPX300 (if moving to the other option).

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More than 3 boxes, and still doesn’t include a source :slight_smile:
Probably not fair to compare to the others where part of the money goes towards the source.

I converted all options to the same currency, so we have the following:

  1. NSC222 + NAP250 + NPX300 = 17100 GBP / 21000 EUR = 100%
  2. NSS333 + NAC332 + NAP250 = 21500 GBP / 25000 EUR = 125% / 120%
  3. NSC222 + NAP350 + NAP350 = 17700 GBP / 21000 EUR = 103.5% / 100%

Please note that in the EU there’s less of an increase as you go up the range it seems. 1 & 3 are exactly the same price, where in the UK there’s a 3.5% increase. And the difference between 1 & 2 is 5% more in the UK.

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@n-lot you are right if you refer it to streaming alone, absolutely @n-lot

I have an existing TT and CD Player, both will remain. at the moment I use the internal phono pre in the SN 3, so it must be a 3,5 boxes anyway.

This (and the fortune of course) is the reason that I would go for the 350 first and some years later for the NAC 332

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But it does seem that Naim have used different conversion rates. 7900 GBP is currently about 9000 EUR, the 12k GBP for the 350 is about 13.8k EUR (priced at 14k), so not too far off either.

Yet the 5700 GBP for the 200 series is about 6.5k EUR, while it’s priced at 7k (+7-8%).

I fully understand as a valid solution. One I might even choose (if I win the lottery).

I was merely pointing out that it wouldn’t be fair to compare the relative quality/value for money with the others suggested.

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yes, it is a little bit like apples with peaches or so :wink:

the thing with the lottery would help in any way :+1: