New Classic Cable Talk

Hello everyone,
I have created this thread for the only purpose of cable-experience and knowledge for the New Classic lineup, as I (and probably others) struggle to find the perfect match with Powercords, powercleaners and XLR for the combo or triple with NSC 222, NAP250nc and NPX300.

I have tried a few now. Here we go…

Ansuz D2 = Good… (still testing)
Ansuz A3 = Too harsh in the top
Puritan PSM136 = Good… (still testing)

Powercord from the wall:
Ansuz A2
Puritan Ultimate
…don’t know which one takes the win?

Powercords from units:.
Ansuz X2
Puritan Classic
Original Naim provided
… No significant difference

XLR between NSC 222 and NAP 250nc:
Original Naim provided
Ansuz P2 = Too bright
Chord Shawline = Worse than original

Adding the NPX300 provides dynamics, but an expensive choice.


Naim do not recommend the use of power cleaners.


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Welcome @SanderDK

The New Classic range has probably been in development for at least the last 5 years. What cables do you think naim themselves have used to get these units working at their best together, before releasing them?


@SanderDK the new classic has only been available for a matter of months. Best idea is to do nothing for six months while the units settle, with units running 24/7 for at least the first three. Testing of anything ahead of this, is likely to result in variable results. In the meantime I would add or consider the following and then enjoy the music.

  • Naim powerlines
  • Naim fraim
  • In future dedicated mains; no other mains “treatment”

I have NSC222 + NC250 (no NPX) in a second system, isolated on glass + p/ls. It continues to improve, ymmv.
Just adding to @GeoffC question above, what do you think is broken, that you are trying to fix?


Hi and welcome @SanderDK

For your info I started a thread around XLR cables a little while ago.

You may well find some useful info in there.

As mentioned by @sound-hound our systems are still in the new (burn in) stage so I am still at the learning what my new system sounds like stage. After that I will use the info provided by others in the thread above to help me in changing XLR cables if I feel that the system is wanting in that area. Noting good advice given by @sound-hound regarding other areas to consider. Currently happy with the sound I’m getting at this stage.

Wise words - which will (probably) be ignored… :expressionless:

I have been a Naim owner since 1992, continuously. I have yet to purchase any non-Naim cables - apart from Interconnects, where I bought Chord. I have bought newer Naim cables, such as A5 and Black SNAIC’s - but nothing else. I must be strange… :crazy_face:

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Thanks for highlighting that @Orac , I’m not sure I have seen that thread.
Reading your reply and mulling this thread, it occurs to me, it may have been said on the NC thread, of which I have thread every post - last few not yet. This may be the first time, that Naim have fully developed NAC, NAP and NPX all together.
My dedicated listening, from time to time, is that there is real synergy between these units, using nothing more than PLs and glass isolation; nothing broken here.
It reminds me of an earlier main Naim rig, from some time ago, which was higher spec.

Yep, I was just intrigued that something must be broken, this soon after instal.

Naim i/cs et al - you are not strange - you have your Naim kit just a few years longer than mine! I have never tried anything but cables from Naim.
The peps at Naim spend hours developing this stuff professionally. I have no inclination to “mess about”; it’s the music that matters. I did try SL speaker cable on my main rig, while awaiting my S600s being changed to active, against well run in NACA5. I didn’t keep them; one of the peps from Naim commented that using NACA5 works just fine.
I can go one further, my NC kit is powering S400s, so I am all Naim on the new kit. I guess I should write it up, since I can’t recall anyone reporting they are using Naim speakers on New Classic.

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Still waiting for delivery of new product, Witch Hat Morgana XLR cables for connecting 222 to New Classic 250. :blush:

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Naim owners are a funny lot. Buy a £17,000+ set of electronics and immediately start buying alternative cables from third party manufacturers. It’s a bit like buying the car equivalent - say a £40,000 BMW and immediately changing the wheels, maybe a new gearbox, fancy exhaust etc etc. There is a whole cottage industry making money from Naim owners predisposition to tweak - new interconnects, ching!, new Burndy, ching! It’s all harmless fun, but it is a bit odd when you think about it.


Says us with Kudos KS -1 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:

I know, I wasn’t excluding myself. Only this week I put glass’n’balls beneath my Nova.

Nice touch synergy and all that.
Less is definitely more. :+1:t2:

And yet, depending on where you live, what the electrical situation is in your house, adding a power solution in between might be very beneficial. Recommendation or not. It all depends if the conditioner can deliver current for transient response or not. Many cannot and it suffocates the Naim system.

If you use a separate Naim power supply, you must be extra careful.

The reason for changing the XLR cables, is that I previously owned Witch Hat Morgana XLR cables, with a 272/555DR/300DR. I thought it was a worthwhile improvement over the supplied Naim XLR cables. Hence the change, but there is no guarantee the Witch Hat cables will match the New Classic. According to With Hat, I will be the first to find out. :pleading_face:

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Just to clarify…
If nothing is broken, everything can always be improved!

This thread was meant to be explicitly for sharing experiences for IMPROVEMENTS for the system.
We all have an opinion and we all should respect that.
I for instance, believe that those who believe nothing is worth changing or “cable-deniers” should stick with that.
And I definitely respect that.

Another fact is that mains actually are capable of changing the experience of the music.
For me the Puritan 136 and Ansuz D2 has given more clarity in the details, musicality and the holographics.

@Orac I will absolutely look into that thread you started :+1:t3:

@NoNaim Ok, yes I have also been looking in this direction for the Morgana XLRs when they are finished in the making (from former Naim technicians)

Will look forward to what you think of these. Do you know when you will receive?

They should be due this week, by my calculations.:crossed_fingers:

That sounds rather painful. Does your screaming not detract from the musical enjoyment? :joy::joy::joy:

Hi @NoNaim :blush: Any exiting news from WH?