New classic Naim logo colour

Does anyone know if Naim considered two coloured (white and green) logos for the new classic serious? I know it’s a small thing but I think they would integrate better aesthetically with the older kit.

Bear in mind that the white logo has been around for 9 years now - it was introduced with the Statement and Mu-So.


They may have considered it but they haven’t done it. White is the new green, embrace it.


Thanks Richard. I know it’s been around for sometime, I had it on my Uniti Star. It also looks much better than the green one but though it probably wouldn’t be difficult/expensive to have one that changes colour. I’m thinking about the new mono blocks as my next upgrade and it would be nice to have that option.

Or go secondhand 500dr…

I may have posted this before…:wink:


Hahhaha I guess this could work :rofl:

I wish Naim would provide some “cosmetic kits” that change the green lightings into white for the owner of legacy Classics who may want to combine their system with New Classic boxes.

I’m thinking to replace my NDX2 with NSS333 + NPX300, if (and only if) they sound better than NDX2+555PS DR. I don’t mind if I could change the green light on the 500 series into white so that in sync with the NC.

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Use that Sharpie.

Ignore the aesthetic issues completely.

Replace all your perfectly good kit with new boxes just to make it match the branding.

Buy some great value kit on eBay or PFM and never buy new Naim kit again, thus preserving the iconic branding of previous decades.

Pick whichever of those makes most sense to you?

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LEDs that can change colour are widely available, but I would bet that Naim would be reluctant to use them due the the electrical interference that such circuits tend to emit. Perhaps a green filter would be a simpler option.


My NAT 01 and its PS doesn’t match my NAC or for that matter any of my active NAPs and associated boxes. If I decide to upgrade perhaps the NAPs or stretch to a S1 to replace the NAC, it will all have different colours…but the sound will still be briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiant - sunnies anyone?
I hide my Naim boxes on fraims behind the sofa - but I do recognise that for those who see their system, or it is within their listening line of sight, if is not perhaps a uniform look, maybe “see” it as a point or reflection in history.
For those who park their tape history (no naims @Richard.Dane ) on fraims, it is a wonderful contrast, not the lack of conformity, which brings a smile to the eye, a pleasure to enjoy, a sound of excellence, whatever technicolor it is, that we like to have in our systems.


Having a 222/300 with a 250DR I don’t really notice the difference in colours. Maybe this is because I have the NC bits with the LEDs are the lowest setting.

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I wonder why so many people want to have the colour matched. So many posts and threads on that.
I understand that we are all different.
Personally I absolutely don’t care to have white with green or even blue.
I have a Melco with a blue/ green light, Naim with green, and Rega with red light. My pre has an orange one. I like that diversity.


I think stuff not matching niggles some of us, for instance, I’m selling my NDX but I’m not giving it away. If I end up keeping it, I’ll put it in my 2nd system, sell the ND5XS and also the Nait5si, which I will replace with a used Supernait. Just so they match. :man_shrugging:


Likewise. Have you had the chance to demo and compare yet?

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I have listened to the NC 300s set, I could’ve brought my NDX2 to the store for comparison but my dealer doesn’t have PS555DR for test/demo, si I just listened to NC300 set. The result of my test, I wouldn’t trade (down) my 500s pre & amp for 332&350, I like mine better.

But I still need to upgrade the source, but failed to come to conclusion whether to go:

  1. NDX2 + PS555DR, cheapest option, but does not address my FOMO,
  2. NSS333 + NPX300, the highest cost option, or
  3. NDX2 + Chord Dave + M Scaler, high cost too, risk of losing “Naim Sound”, and can’t have test demo either, but many people say it’s darn good.

Still confused

Chord are working on a new M-Scaler and an Ultima DAC, so there may well be deals on the current stuff as the new products emerge.

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I take it this Ultima DAC is gonna be the new top of the line DAC from Chord replacing DAVE isn’t it? No wonder suddenly there are some s/h DAVE popping up on the online shopping platforms.

But this route is a little risky for me as I’m not familiar with Chord’s sounds and have no way to test at all. Only from this kind of forums can I collect some info.

I don’t know what will happen to Dave when the bigger, more expensive Ultima DAC arrives. Perhaps it will continue, but there may still be good used deals if others upgrade.
The new M-Scaler is apparently at Choral level, i.e. matching Dave, so I can’t see them releasing it with no DAC to partner it with.

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Since you’re open to mixing brands maybe consider the Linn Organik streamer. Not cheap but sounds pretty great and supposedly pairs well with Naim.