New classic nap 250 - first impressions

So one day in and I have a few hours of listening under my belt with the new nap. What’s already clear is that the new 250 is much closer to the nap 300dr in terms of low volume listening, and way better than the 250dr in this regard. This has been noticeable even during the day when ambient noise is higher. I have been told to be patient and that this will continue improving over the next few days so fingers crossed!


What are the main differences in the sound signature between the 250 dr and 250.3 ? Outside of better grip and bass. Has the 250 dr some qualities the 250.3 has not? Which one has a fuller and more organic sound?
Which one gives nicer tones and better textures?

Great to hear and thanks for posting. The new 250 is definitely on my wish list.

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I loved the 250dr and the 250.2 for that matter. Had that amp for 13 years incl upgrade and service 4 years ago. I listened to the 300dr for an extended period at home on a couple of occasions, but decided to stay with the 250 as I felt it worked better overall with the system in my room. Found the 300 somewhat leaner sounding, whilst offering better control. The new amp brings the best bits of both 250dr and 300dr and I think it works really really well. There is much better resolution coming through, lower noise floor, better grip and tighter bass. The sometimes boomy bass of the 250dr has disappeared which is great as my room is not that big. So £ for £ I think it’s the best of the three amps for me.


There is now 5 versions of the NAP250 in various forms. It will be interesting to see overall which is the best to live with.

I will be having a home demo next week. Had my eye on a 300dr, but my dealer talked me into a 250 nc session. I love my 250dr synergy, but could have it come alive more at lower volumes.

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Once the NAC 332 pre-amp is available to listen to this will likely be my first step followed by the new 250. I really like what they’ve done with the New Classics.

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Thanks, good to know, and the temptation increased . :+1:


happy listening

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Would be keen to hear what the 332 is like. I have no plans to change the 252/sc as only had it for 2 years and really enjoy the sound. But Reduced box count is attractive.

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If I had a 252/SC I wouldn’t think of changing. I’ll have options come this fall if I can afford to change. Either a pre-loved Old Classic for a good price or the New Classic. Regardless I think the star is the new 250

I’ll check back in here once mine is in and up and running. My first stage being to use my Selekt DSM as an interim streaming preamp with a mind to swop in an NSC 222 at some point.

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Wait did I miss something? @Mr.M do you have the new 250 on order?

I’ve got one waiting to pick up, just not had the time to get it!
My SN3 + NDX2 are trading in as a swap.

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Wow!! Def let me/us know how you get along with it. We’ve been on similar audio journeys… I’m curious as to how the Selekt DSM will sound with the new amp.

Likewise, not actually tried that combo myself even yet, but am willing to live with it as an interim setup regardless, eventually I’ll just swop in a NSC 222 and job done.
It just occured to me randomly I could use my DSM as a preamp and make it possible and start over afresh. I was never keen on adding power supplies to the existing system or taking it up to a higher box count without significant gains. It felt like the best option to simply start over and leverage other kit I already had and could repurpose as a stop gap.

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Glad you are enjoying it. Mine really opened up after 4-5 weeks and has continued to get better. The first few weeks it sounds tight and is a bit forward and mids prominent. Over time the frequency ranges extend and then the bass kicks in.

You will notice more of everything and hear new things on recordings you haven’t heard before. I think it’s a perfect match with the 252/SC since it adds more verve and color to it.


Have you got it setup to be always fully powered, during run in period specifically?

I have, yes.

Thank you. As easy as it sometimes seems because it is said so often do just have a home demo, I feel fortunate that a dealer takes the time for this part of their job and makes this possible. And the prefun has started, I can’t wait to hear it and the stack of albums to audition are ready.