New Classic standby brightness differs

I have a NSS333 and a NAC332. Both components are synchronised so can be controlled using one hand held device. When I put the system into standby the light on the streamer is quite a lot brighter than the pre-amp. Has anyone else seen this? Is this a problem? Note everything works properly.

Have you checked that you have connected remote OUT to a remote IN?

I connected two remote outs and got similar confusing results.

Just a thought, probably wrong.


My 350s are brighter than my 332 when in standby mode . :thinking:

This point I have raised earlier, not only the brightness the logo has different tint some have bluish and some have more whitish, those who have bought their equipment in large interval may notice.

The OC range had this issue too. I have 6 Naim green logos on a rack and some are dimmer than others. Some are more yellow green than others. They were like this on day one.

But in another non Naim system, I have two identical non Naim power supplies. Yet one power LED is a very dim blue and the other is glaring like a star.

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The angle you view them from can have this effect. If looking at equipment in a rack then each component will present a slightly different angle to the eye.

As has been posted about many times before on the various iterations of this forum, it’s quite normal with the green half moon logos. There’s a slight difference between the different models and then there’s also a tolerance with the logos themselves which can exacerbate matters depending on at which end of the tolerance that particular logo might lie.

Furthermore, the early half moon green logos on earlier 5 series and the NAP500 were much brighter anyway. They were deemed a bit too bright so they were changed to less bright ones around 2002.

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I have an old classic 250 so don’t have this connection

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Just had an update from naim via the retailer on this. Apparently this is a known software issue when the brightness of the logos is set to anything other than max and will most likely be fixed in the next software update.


Great … thanks for the info … enjoy !!:wink:

After hiss and hum I suppose logo brightness is a natural progression.

I’ll get my coat …


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