New classic / star earthing / fraim etc

How important is star earthing and placement in the new classic line? Is the NC line as sensitive as the classic line or has this become less of an issue?
From experiences here it seems that 252/300dr/supercap set only works well with a full fraim and vigourous placement and a handful of powerblocks.

I am wondering how the NC line is in this way.

Difficult to answer. I doubt that any NC owners would give up their Fraim racks for something ‘lesser’. I for one don’t feel the need to upgrade from my Atacama.

I have always had integrated amps and never had separate power supplies but now have a 4 box amplifier solution! Whether they are stacked in the ‘right’ order is something I may never know as I am not prepared to break it all down, rebuild and then try to imagine that I can tell a difference.

Also, my NC kit is only about 3 weeks old and my 350s were exchanged due to a slight problem and are only a week old. I have also added an EE8 switch and Roon Rock so would find it very difficult to know what was down to run in etc.

What I can say is that the NC is very good indeed. At the end of the day though, it is a music reproduction system which will never be perfect - how far do you go seeking the unachievable Nirvana of sound? I am personally content with where I am.

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I doubt anyone can answer this question.

I do not believe that the advantages of Start Earthing and good equipment support are unique to Naim.

But… YMMV… :expressionless:

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100%, the importance of star ground is really related to the signal level circuits.
Its where all the ground (Naim -ve) side of signal & other circuits are connected & grounded at a single point.

However many seem to think its related to power earth, I suspect this is attributed to the marketing blurb from some power strip vendors. Yes its a nice to have and suspect it can help with SQ.


The 332 still has a ground switch so I think nothing has changed, other than the big changes to balanced cables and no need for the extra cables snaic is gone. Good foundation and good power distribution works as well as it did before.

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