New classic trio Ear net review

I believe there is some resentment towards this new trio. I think this attitude is largely human and understandable: novelty always arouses conflicting reactions, in both ways.

That’s why I recommend everyone to try listening to it.

Regarding reviews, I don’t expect it to be possible to define it as a perfect product because it’s simply impossible to meet everyone’s taste and because a thousand other variables come into play besides subjectivity: environment, genre, speakers.

What I find interesting to point out about these initial reviews is that the excellent tonal balance of the new trio is confirmed both with a particular excitement of anyone who listens to it. And this corresponds to what I’m hearing.




Yes well said. I haven’t heard the new combo yet but I like what I’ve seen. I’m perhaps foolishly waiting for a new 200-300 level pre-amp but I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford it. Time will tell I suppose.

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No resentment against the New Classics. I’m actually interested in getting the power amp.


Good point, well done :+1::+1:

We have to take into consideration that Ear net is the online audio magazine who reviewed the most number of Naim components, maybe 15 since the beginning. But saying that Naim lost his mojo after olive series and get it back with the new classic series is a non sense.
Strange to read that, specially by a Naim aficionados mag.


IMO the review is pretty much confusing with some strange conclusions.
I’m not into buying the expensive kit so matters zero to me.
I seldom take notice of internet hifi reviews, they are what they are - a one mans experience.


Personally I would be specially glad to have the new 250. It will be my next purchase, as the new Chord M6 powerhaus. Funny, the review before the new trio on Ear net was about the Chord M6. Pure coïncidence.


I guess some comments could be interpreted that way, but I think it’s more a case of looking to keep the relative performances across the wider range in context.


“The last two generations of this amplifier have if anything been closer in character to power amps by other brands in the same broad price bracket, they appeared to be losing some of the Naim DNA in an attempt to fit in with the wider world. With the New Classic Naim appear to be saying this is what music should sound like, it’s statement product that’s proud to be different.”

This is what propaganda sounds like. It’s the exact opposite of what these people wrote.

I find comments about resentment here rather strange. There is huge interest, overall very positive attitude and excitement and, if anything, a bit too much hype at this stage with broad statements and not much actual appropriate comparison, which is perfectly understandable.
Similar with this review I guess, where the author probably so wanted to be positive that his own mojo played a trick on him and went OTT in a bit of nihilism.


That sounds like a return to the Olive era sound signature but with added clarity & refinement?

Can you explain what means « own mojo played a trick on him and went OTT in a bit of nihilism.« In other words. Thanks.

Ok, a bit early on a Sunday for deep existential stuff but sweeping (slightly nihilistic) statements about the classic Naim generation accompanied by some general “gung ho” about the new classic are hardly very useful probably more serving an attempt for high flying landmark eloquence around the 50th anniversary…
I find it also even self contradictory with how the classic generation has been losing its spell and individualism (“…they appeared to be losing some of the Naim DNA in an attempt to fit in with the wider world”?), while the NC is “proud to be different”?
… and then soon after “The introduction of more conventional connections with a wide range of inputs both via cables and over the aether gives the NSC 222 the flexibility to adapt …”? Whatever.

I have commented before that I like the evolving sound character of Naim which I hear in my Atom HE and which I heard with a striking close similarity with the NSC222 in my own system. Btw I would be curious and interested specifically in your assessment of the NC250 when you have a chance to try it. It might be my next step too but taking it one question at a time:)

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Don’t be, this is his job, to write a lot of promotional text… :wink:

Goodness me!
If it sounds good, if you enjoy your music, if they give you what you want…then why worry about what someone else thinks about what amounts to differences.


Extracts from 250DR Ear review by the same person - 28/10/15

This is easily the best sounding Naim amplifier I have reviewed, and one of the best power amps I’ve reviewed period. It has transparency, pace and bandwidth that caught me by surprise. Having heard what Statement could do I was optimistic but expectations have been well and truly exceeded.

Most of the Naim amplifiers I have reviewed had a slightly earthy sound with limited perceived bandwidth, which is not unappealing but less revealing than the best of the alternatives. This did not stop their timing skills from being apparent and the success of the company has been built on that sound, so clearly it works. With DR Naim seems to have retained the pace, rhythm and timing and added power and transparency, so the NAP 250 DR now has low end grunt that makes for extremely muscular bass with the right speaker.

… the NAP 250 DR is a classic reborn, a power amplifier for the high resolution era that will take any signal and make the most of it.

Not sure how this fits with the comments he is now making re the ‘Naiminess’ missing from the DR.


Perhaps he was referring to newer models/products.

Good comment Willby, always good to look back and see what a reviewer has written before, says something about credibility…


Having read almost the entire 4k post thread on the new classics I don’t sense any resentment at all. I do sense:

  • Some don’t like how they look (fair).
  • Some don’t like the price.
  • Some are exhausted by other’s hyperbole (definitely some comments skirting the “my old 282/250/whatever now sounds broken” territory).

Resentment to the products themselves? I really detect none.