New Classics - Not tempted but curious (and that's how it begins)

Anyone listened to the new classics?

Wondering how the new 200 series (streamer + PSU + amp) compares to a NDX2/XPS-DR/282/HiCapDR/250DR?

This is in use in the study - and it’s the speakers that are probably the bottle neck - Totem Acoustics Signature Ones…

Only your ears and wallet can provide the correct answer!
I’d encourage you to listen to the new kit, and do it multiple times and in different locations and systems, including as part of an extend home demo if possible.
This is far more than a simple refresh, theres been a back to the drawing board approach with the New Classic 200/300 Series and a desire/necessity to decouple it from the Series it replaces in many respects.
I found it to be different as opposed to the same but with a tuned performance, different in a good way generally speaking but further up the legacy ranges a tougher distinction to make.
I’m going from a SN3 + NDX 2 system so it was an easier decision to make for the longer term.
Your current system would be hard to better even from what’s already been announced would be my guess, you might look to a Statement preamp instead as others have at your level of system.

Having the 222/300 with a 250DR. I would say that the NDX2 is better than the 222 streamer section. Personally, if I had your system I would not be upgrading to a New Classic system, I wonder if a better move would be to a 252.

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I should have read the OP thread before concluding! I see it’s a secondary system at question. The suggestion to improve whet’s already there with a change of preamp certainly makes a lot of sense as you suggest. There seems to be a healthy number of used and ex demo units in circulation as well currently.

I’m sure others will chime in - but it seems like unnecessary chop and churn with some $$ spend - but no much to show for it except the white lights…
Yeah - given that this is a secondary system, I don’t see a reason to go to the 252 - perhaps refreshing the Hicap will make sense.
Many years ago, I tried 1x hicap, 2xhicap, supercap and then back to 2x hicap and 1x hicap.
1xhicap with the 282 seemed best and balanced. supercap just had me wanting a 252.

Since it’s going to be for you second system, I suggest you give it a try, get a demo and see if that works for you.
I say that having read many opinions in this forum that the new classic has “different” sonical character instead of better than the classics. I also plan to get the 222/250.3 to replace my Uniti Star for my bedroom, but seems like Naim is overwhelmed with the orders from Europe zone so South East Asian zone is a bit ignored by them.

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@MMky You are right. No matter what black boxes you upgrade or add to the mix, it wont better a change of speakers to something matching the rest of your system.

Dynaudio Contour 20i or Heritage Specials come to mind, looking at your Totems…

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Your speakers are plenty good enough. My guess is adding a 332 with NC250 will provide the most bang for the buck and save a few boxes.

Unless you need to reduce boxes your current set-up is excellent - it will come down to your preferences.
Having a demo would be good but could be costly if you decide you like the new presentation.
My journey was from ND5XS2 and XS3 so a more clear cut upgrade, well imo, but if I was in your shoes unless you were blown away I’d not be tempted!

I ordered NSC222 / NC250 (no NPX), to replace a Nova in a second system. Great sound, totally delighted. The room is a kitchen diner, speaker placement far from optimal, stuck up a corner in a shallow alcove, hard surfaces so controlled sound was important; the unit plays all day, usually a mixture of radio stations.

I have had one serious listen to specific choices of music, once the units were a number of weeks old. Different rooms, but I was reminded of my NDX/252/SCDR/SBLs. Is it similar or substantially different to what has gone before? That remains an open question because there can be no direct comparison - at least here?

I have one advantage, I am using Naim speakers, S400 and while the Nova was ok, it didn’t have the grip I was seeking - it is a difficult room. Definitely Naim sound - choice of speakers is probably key, as so often, to get the best from the new units.

The new classic is a great setup. Up to each of us to judge against other combinations. While there are other options, I passed on a 272 - I had a 250DR which has now gone, kept on with the Nova until the new series arrived. Simple advice, if you wish to spend, fine, else don’t look or listen, the temptation may pull you in; it is a step change in integration concept. VFM is very individual.
In the meantime, I’m enjoying my new classic setup as a second system.

I agree with the others. Unless you need to reduce box count for some reason I wouldn’t do it. You would be compromising your source and preamp, IMO.

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Look for a supercap dr for your 282 mate, i did this before i bought a 252

I agree to an extent: integrating streamer and pre is a compromise - no question.
Have advancements in streaming and pre tech offset this - maybe.
Is it worth outlay - for me no but that depends.

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